The Masquerade
by Caloulou

Chapters 15-30

All of this story started with Archie, Miss Indigo, *Incognito* and Miss Loulou. That led me to write this Fan Fic. Hope you will enjoy, it is my first time writing a long text in English, hope I won' t do too many mistakes and, if I do - I am sorry. Enjoy!


THE MASQUERADE- Chapter Fifteen: Dinner is Serve!

Everyone is now installed at their table, waiting for the dinner to be served. A stream of maids and servants makes gracefully their entrance with the meal and the wine. To the amazement of the guests, the servants are wearing the same costume. The men dressed in black tuxedo with white belts and bow tie, the maids are wearing dark feather dresses with white bow attached at their waist, and their faces are covered by black feather mask. The crowd is flabbergasted, sending some cheering up at the star of the night, Miss Capital.

Capital- Standing in front of an attentive audience, start her speech: " My dear friends, it is with great pride and honor of having you as my guests for tonight. I should apologize for the absence of my father Commodore Maxwell. He had left earlier to perform an urgent duty. But if we are lucky, you will have the chance to enjoy his presence later during the evening. Before we have our dinner, I would like you to pay attention on the right side of the orchestra, under the refreshment arch I would like to unveiled a little surprise for Commodore Pellew"

Pellew- Lifted one eyebrow by curiosity and stared Miss Capital with his dark brown eyes, wondering what it was

All the guests are starring at a white covered mountain of silk

Capital- Sisi, would you please removed the cloth

Sisi- Yes, 'Maam

To their amazement. A sea battle sculpted on ice is representing a miniature Indefatigable surrounded by two sinking French corvettes, and another one showing the white flag

Capital- Commodore Pellew, this little tought does not describe as much the pride and honor everyone here do share about all the great battles you have won serving His Majesty's Navy. But we wanted to show you that we will never forget about it! The painting of the sea battle, in the back of the sculpture, is a gift from all of us Commodore.

Pellew- Miss Capital, you are full of surprise! I thank you very much, I may say I am speechless but touch, and thank you everyone!

Capital- And to all of my guests, I offer you a simple gift coming from the bottom of my heart. I made these handkerchiefs just in time for the occasion, they are yours to bring home. I am now finish and I do wish you a most enjoyable time and a good evening!

While the servants are bringing the plates, Horatio sitting at the same table as Commodore Pellew, received in front of him a nice little piglet. And of course, he gets the cutlery to cut that masterpiece Commodore Pellew has is eyes riveted on Horatio, which we could see him getting a little tense Horatio feeling all the eyes over him, remember his last meal with the Commodore, think to himself "Well, that can't goes wrong every timeI hope it goes well this time"

Standing up, Horatio hold properly the knife and the fork, and everything goes well until he starts giving the piece of meat away Here we go again, amused guests are avoiding airborne piece of piglet flying over their head and one of them landed into Lady' s Karin chest To the attentive eyes of Lt. Bush, smiling to the situation, he comforted his Lady by whispering into her ear : "Do not worry my dear Karin, I will be happy to remove this piece of meal later on" Lady Karin gladly surprised of his request agreed to it with a huge smile "Ho Dear!"

Horatio turned bright red upon that situation, excuse himself Tricia is trying to retain her poise, but could not help herself giggling All the guests at the table are having a good laugh

Commodore Pellew, quickly removed the knife out of Horatio's hands "May I, Mr. Hornblower?" and seriously, continues cutting the piglet Smiling, he looks at Horatio and says: "I see Horatio, airborne piglets would be following you everywhere you go It remind me a certain diner a few months ago"

Horatio is more than uncomfortable now, he knows ex-act-ly what the Commodore is talking about, and he just hope he will not talk about it

Commodore Pellew continues: " Before the Court Martial I think" Horatio gets nervous, trying to calm himself down a little, under Tricia attentive eyes Which wonder what happened Horatio knows what is awaiting him if his little secret is unveiled Before his dear friend Archie told Lt. Bush, only Commodore Pellew, Miss Indigo and Miss Loulou knew about the incident " I will get Archie back for this one but no, no, the Commodore won't do that to me, I am sure he won't talk about it" But alas poor Horatio get betrayed again! Lt. Bush was listening carefully, and of course, he wanted to join the conversation

Bush- So, Horatio, what happened before the Court-Martial? We are all ears to know your little secret!

Horatio, still uncomfortable the tough of that phrase remind him too much of Simpson He give an angry look at Archie, his supposed friend, then look at Bush "Well, Mr. Bush, I do believe that you know exactly what happened"

Bush- Not everything Horatio, my informant would not give me any details of some events that were hidden to me!

Horatio believed that Archie did not say everything... Archie is sitting silently giggling to himself but he does not want to get involved this time...

Bush- Does anybody on this table wants to know what happened?

All the guests answered by a cheerful yes... Horatio sits in disbelieve. "Make it so, then have a good laugh, and that will be it..."

Bush- Miss Indigo, what happened in between Horatio and Archie in the labyrinth?...

Indigo- She tries to keep it secret by saying that she didn` t know what has happened. Then Mr. Bush said that Archie had told him the story the day before, and then explains it to the amused guests...

Bush- Now that I have said what I know Miss Indigo, it is YOUR turn to tell us the rest of the story!

Indigo- Looking at Horatio getting paler, she decided not to say too much, but enough to satisfy the guests... " I do believe my dear friends, that Horatio did not recognize Lt. Kennedy, as we were very successful to disguise him as a woman! He was at the Estate to bring flowers to Archie, hum, hum, and to apologize about his conduct, but also to give him a little gift...

Lt. Bush curious about that little gift was pushing on the issue. He wanted to know what it was.

Indigo reply: " I do not know what was the gift Lt. Bush. Horatio gave it to Archie, but I never saw it... But I remember that Miss Loulou knows... You might ask her...

Bush- Smiling to the idea... "I shall, I shall ask her..."

Karin- She is all puzzled but amused by this little conversation is enjoying it all. "Excuse me gentlemen, I need to see Miss Capital for a moment..." Lt. Bush smile and let her go. Horatio can`t wait that the diner is finished so they could change their mind about that unfortunate event, and carry on about the reception...

At the main table, Miss Capital is enjoying a colorful discussion with Madam Minsky and Lady Karin.


Karin- Miss Capital, Horatio look ravishing in his Gladiator costume, he his showing legs... hehehehe

Capital- That is true my dear, the leather makes him very delicious... and the golden visor is great! I loved that red brush...

Minsky- Not to mentionned the equipment he caries on, he is ready for war; spear, shield, sword, and even a metal net... Bwhahahaha

Karin- But look at that table, who is wearing that cute pink feather tutu right next to that Chinese Ladie and Chinese warrior?

Minsky- Hu? No idea! I don`t recognized the other one either...

Capital- Hummm, let me guess, looking carefully, exclaimed Ho! I know! This is Miss Wendy!

Karin- Ha! Miss Wendy! She is so lovely!

Minsky- Whit a goddess body like that, she could wear everything she likes! Whom she is with tonight?

Capital- Alas no one, I believe...

Karin- Poor sweetie! May be I shall ask Lt. Bush to dance with her later...

Minsky- That would be a great idea! And who is that Viking over there?

Capital- You don`t recognize her?

Minsky- No?

Capital- Miss Indigo!

Karin and Minsky in unison: " Great costume! Bwhahahaha!"

Capital- And the good looking Robin Hood is...

Karin- Ho yessss, that one shows some nice forms, with those lovely beige thighs....mmmmm

Minsky- Lowering her voice, yes but Admiral Aberfoyle has bubble buts that makes me go Hooooooooo.... pirates pants!

Capital- Laughing histerically, "Madam Minsky you are right about that one..."

Karin- Hu? Who did you say?

Minsky- I` ll tell you later Lady Karin...

But, as their joyful little gossip going on, a man stagger along the wall, near the main table. He is dressed like a Jester. The costume is colored by different diamonds shapes an a crooked jester hat. He is drunk like a skunk, and he is staggering towards Miss Capital... Just when Lt. Ecleston was ask by Her to pick up her fan she had forgot on the table...

Simpson- " M... Mizzz... Capidaaallll.... to... tooonight... yo...youu, hip, hoc, habe... hic, havvvve... but... hic... butifullllll hair... hoc..." He puts his hands over her hips, then lay his head on her shoulder, drooling profusely... leaving a suspicious white foam on her shoulder...

Capital- SIMPSON! You are Pi*%/"$ed! Somebody show him out with dignity!

Commodore Pellew getting to the rescue of that poor Miss Capital... Spitting words at Simpson: " What kind of man are you!"

Lt. Ecleston arrived promptly: " Simpson! You shall remove yourself until you are fit for company!"

Both men pick up Simpson on both side, because he couldn`t stand straight, and they walk him out of the Hall. Arrived at the base of the stairs... Pellew look at Ecleston seriously, but with a grin on his face and say: " I always wanted to do that to him..."

WHAAAAAAAACK....... A big kick on Simpson`s @ss, then here he goes rolling down on the cobblestone... KAFLING, KAFLONG, KABANG...

Ecleston- Exceptionally fine kick, if I may say so Commodore Pellew!

Pellew- You may Lt. Ecleston, you may!

Then both men returned satisfied to the reception, leaving the disgruntle Simpson lying near the garbage area, sleeping tight, holding a rotten cabbage in his hands...

Ecleston- That Simpson, we should posted him very far for once...

Pellew- i agree Lt. Ecleston, I do believe that it is time for him to visit our friends up North...

The rest of the diner goes very well. A gigantic cake is brought in front of Miss Capital. The jolly crowd is singing a happy birthday to Miss Capital, which is filled with emotions.

Still quite overcome, she thanks them all for their kindness and reply: " Time to move on my friends, may the dance begin!" She started to dance under the attentive eye of her cavalier, Lt. Ecleston, followed by Commodore Pellew and Lady Joanie... Admiral Aberfoyle turns towards Madam Minsky, and offer her a dance... Lt. Bush, feeling a little too full, couldn`t resit the look of Lady Karin... whispering to his ear the duty he has still to provide...which make him smile...Miss Loulou kindly lead Archie to dance with Miss Sharon, while she goes to the Ladies room on the second floor to refresh herself...


THE MASQUERADE- Chapter Sixteen: Invasion by the Forester Party.

The silence of the night is broken by the sound of swinging grapnel. A man dressed in black is getting the grapnel a rotation speed before it makes is way up to the border of the window

A few whistling sounds could be heard in different area surrounding the Admiralty. One of them wrapped around a chimney, another one ticked onto a window, then a multitude of shade are moving rapidly at the lowest noise possible.

You could barely hear an undistinctive sound of several steps, stopping, then moving again carefully into the night The guests dancing in the Hall have no idea of what is to be unveiled upon them within the next minutes. Something darker is about to set place, the Forester Party is about to swamp the place.

A few men dressed in dark clothing makes their ways into the Admiralty House by the open windows on the second floor Around the garden, you could see shade moving rapidly towards their targets But who is targeted this time? Was it Archie, Horatio, Bush, Pellew or Lady Maxwell? This time, they have a mission to kidnap someone!

A dance is called, and the guests are taking place on the dance floor. Going up the stair, Miss Loulou take a last look at Archie and Miss Sharon before she leaves to the ladies room. She loves the dress that Miss Sharon had chosen for the occasion. She had decided to be a fairy. Her costume is made of light frilly muslin of soft lilac color, and is attached to the back of the waist by a delicate bow of a darker shade of lilac. Her beautiful black hair are curled into spirals and are gently covered by brilliants sparkles. Her face is covered by a beautiful butterfly

Miss Sharon is dancing with Lt. Kennedy and she is all devoted to the man, mesmerized by the beauty of his sapphire eyes Archie shows he is a great dancer and leads her very well. Miss Sharon feels that she is spending an eternity with the man so much that she his comfortable with him. But the music has its end, and she is brought to reality when the music change

Sharon, who could not hide very well her disappointment, wanted to thanks Archie for dancing with her "Lt. Kennedy,II thank you for the dance" Fixing her purple shoes, then staring back at him "And I hope that later on, you might be able to grace me with anther dance"

Archie- Miss Sharon, that reception seems to be very interesting, and if you stay as long as the other guests here, well, you may get the chance to have another dance with me I promise!

Sharon' s eyes illuminate to the sound of having another dance with Archie. "Really, Archie! Ho! I am so happy, thank you, jumping to his neck, thank you very much!

Archie- "It is a pleasure Miss Sharon Now if you may excuse me, I will try to find Miss Loulou, she should have been back here by now" He felt a funny feeling as a cold chilled runs through his spine

Sharon- of course, you may, and I thank you again for the dance!

Archie- He holds her hands, gently kisses it and say: " You are welcome Miss Sharon".

After leaving her company, his facial expression turned from joy to serious He is worried about Miss Loulou, he has not seen her around. This is not her nature to disappear without letting him know her where about Especially not tonight!

He his scanning the room with the hope that he could see her, but in vain. He sees Commodore Pellew leaving for the garden with Lady Joanie. He is followed by about six or seven voluble and cheerful ladies. Theses ladies are sending him some great comments about how he looks, and how marvelous they hear he was under battle Laughing loudly to get his attention.

Lady Joanie is holding his arm, smiling at the situation, and could not retain her giggling by seeing Commodore Pellew in such of state. Looking so embarrassed, speechless, and so shy around so many women Him, so strong, so combative in battle, Ho so manly strong of character; him to be so weak in front of the other gender

Archie is smiling at the situation, and continue scanning the room for Miss LoulouThen he sees Admiral Aberfoyle escorting a bumblebee Frown his nose and remember, ho yes Madam Minsky! Mmmm and they both leaving towards the door leading to the Harbor area But still no sign of Miss Loulou

A second dance is about to set place but is disturbed by a loud cracking sound BAAAANNNNGGGG The sound of the shot breaks the jolly music and the guests are alarmed. Some windows are clashing into thousands of pieces. Coming from everywhere, men dressed in black are gushing through the Precincts Someone has fired a pistol and wanted attention!

"GET TO COVER! We are surrounded" Scream Styles The crowd panicking is trying to run for safety but they are trapped into the room. The Forester Party had blocked every exit.

A masked man, who seems the leader of the Forester Party scream to the crowd: "SILENCE!!!"

For a moment the guests are starring at the man standing on the table, waiting for something to happen

The leader continues to speak: " There will be no arm done to anyone if you follow our instructions. If anyone resist, he or she will pay from his life The ladies shall remained where they are, and all the men without exception shall moved forward near the orchestra, and removed their maskMove now!"

A few eyes exchanged within the prisoners, a Brown Chicken is moving towards the Chinese Warrior and whisper to him: " What we gonna do Matthews?"

Matthews- "Wait until we are all together and"

Bad guy 3- NO talking! Move on, quick Pushing Styles and Matthews towards the other men

Styles- Starring at the man, in a defiant look, " I' ll have ya, but ya will" Then he received a kick on his feather butts

Bad guy 3- Move on and shut up!

Matthews is observing the surrounding area to be prepare for counter attack "NOW STYLES!!"

A battle followed with the guests who are armed, the others takes cover in separate areas trying to avoid mortal shots


THE MASQUERADE- Chapter Seventeen : The Lyndsayteers to the Rescue!

WARNING: For your information, the drunk to be presented into the next following chapters are purely fictional. Any resemblance with people you may recognize in these chapters may, hum, hum, only due to pure hazardhehehe

NO Lyndsayteers were armed during this eventHope you enjoyed your participation

From the garden, Miss Molly had overheard the commotion inside the Hall, and was not seen, she then flew back outside to warned the Lyndsayteers

Molly- We can't fulfilled our duty ladies! Our plan has to be postponed! The Forester Party has trapped the guests into the Hall, and they are moving the men near the orchestra We have to act quickly, they are checking the identity of the men But I do not know who they are looking for! The women are separated from the men

Gilly- What are we gonna do?

Molly- Well we have Commodore Pellew with us, and it is a matter of time before they get to the gardenWe could hide him among us, we are enough to do so!

Joanie- Turning toward her love: "May be they are searching for you Commodore, we will take you to safety!

LizMc- Yes, we will

Molly- Since they are not checking the ladies, and I overheard them saying that they are leaving the ladies where they are, so we have a chance to trick them I hope! Commodore you get into the pond now!

Pellew- What? All right, I will do so!

Molly- Lady Joanie also

Joanie- Yuk, I will get all wet

Molly- That is the reason, we will get Commodore Pellew into the water with you, and we will surround you So they think we are giving a bath to a lady

Gilly- And those ruffian won' t dare to look at a lady bathing

Joanie- Good idea Molly, and she jump into the water with Commodore Pellew.

In the same time, the Forester Party had discovered the small group in the garden, and they run towards them at the end of the garden.

Bad guy 1- DON' T MOVE! Well, well, not bad, there are only ladies over here

Bad guy 2- Looking at Miss Gilly, yep, and I would like to take a bite and get my hands on one getting closer of Miss Gilly, who backs up with fear.

Bad guy 1- "No don`t, we have no time for fun" Looking at another Lady, Miss Anglo is trying to hide on the back of Miss LizMc "But later on we might" Laughing hysterically.

Bad guy 2- Look who` s talking

Bad guy 1- "Ok ladies, any men under these skirts? Better answer now or we shall have to search and touch every little soul of yours" And he gives a mischievous glint at them all

Suddenly you hear a big splash, Lady Joanie had tossed Commodore Pellew under her dress, but had to sunk him under the water for a slight amount of time, to give him a chance to raise back up under her dress

Bad guy 1- Alerted by the sound "WHAT WAS THAT?"

The Lyndsayteers are getting nervous

Bad guy 2- Look, over there in the pond

Miss Molly, Miss Mindy and Miss Gilly are trying to hide Lady Joanie by making a row in front of the two ruffians

Bad guy 1- "Moved away ladies", threatening them with a sword, " or you shall pay from your life!"

The three women moved away and to their surprise they see Lady Joanie, trying to cover her shoulders with a large Lily leaf To the joy of both men she has taken off part of her top to discourage the men to take further investigation into the pond

It worked perfectly, and the two men laughing turned over towards the three ladies and order them to find something to cover Lady Joanie shoulders. To their satisfaction they are able to find a very large blanket, which cover very well Lady Joanie and her protegee.

Bad guy 1- There is no men here

Bad guy 2- Ok, I will inform our leader that Commodore Pellew is not over here

To the sound of Commodore Pellew`s name, Lady Joanie almost faint

Bad guy 1- Send more men to look on the second floor, he might be having lusty time with some of the Lady in the room upstairsHahahaha

To the sound of this, Commodore Pellew is about to jump to the throat of the man, but Lady Joanie gives him a push back into the water, to refresh his memory about his kidnapping She cough very loud when he surface the watergasping for air, and getting out the water he gobble when Joanie pushed him down" Cough-cough- Ho my god I must have drink -cough-cough- some of that water when I felt into the pond giggling"

Bad guy 2- Bwhahaha, I must say that the man has little adventure, to travel so much at sea, that he probably need a little distraction when he comes back to porthahahaha

I will order the second group to go up, we have already a few members up there, they might need back up

Bad guy 1- Careful, the orders are to keep him alive!

Bad guy 2- Aye aye Sir!

Bad guy 1- Ho shut up

Bad guy 2- "Oupss, sorry Sir" a little embarrassed

Bad guy 1- I will be taking care of these ladies until you come back

Bad guy 2- Aye aye Sir, I am on my way, and don` t touch my favoritestaring towards Miss Gilly with his split eyes, like she has nothing on. I will be back lady, smiling with his missing tooth

Gilly has goose bump running trough her spine and is disgusted of the fact that miscreant his thinking that way

LizMc- Don` t you worry Gilly, we won` t let that man touch you

Molly, getting closer to them, "We have to do something, we can` t stay here and do nothing!"

Gilly- You are right! I looked around and there are just three men with us right nowWe are more in numbers.

LizMc- Yes but they are armed

Mindy- Oh! But we are better armed than these men

All of the ladies puzzled

Mindy- We have our charm! Considering that Gilly and Anglo had their men, hum, hum, we could try to charmed the others It seems to me that they are seamen, and to look at their behavior, they were away for a long period of time.

Molly- Good lord! It makes them such an easy target! But how do we get rid off them?

LizMc- Yes, how?

Molly- I know Around the pond there are different objects that we could use as weapon to knock them off

Mindy- Great, Gilly you check back for that bad guy of yours

Gilly- Not so found of the idea, "I will do it only to save Ho so Manly! I will wait for the return of that mad man!" Turning to Anglo, she is surprised to see her already in action, trying to charm the bad guy 1, moving gracefully toward a bench, she watch her sitting on it while she carefully picked up a stone frog Flapping her eyelids rapidly at the man

Mindy is trying to get the attention of the other man covering the North part of the garden. Raising her dress, she scratch her legs, showing up her ankle It work very well because the man, licking his lips, is starring at her, smiling and waving for attention" Common boy I won' t hurt you" Sending him a few kisses She had already hidden a small rock turtle ready to action

Molly is walking towards the last men standing in the South corner. She looks at him directly into his eyes, and backs up with surprise Oh my god! That man look just like Simpson! Getting back her senses, I am not afraid of him, ok, let smile, I will grab his butts and he won't resist

LizMc is waiting in the corner to bang his head with a shovel. Expecting at any moments the right time for Molly to bring him closer

Joanie watched nervously all movements, and keep looking around in case someone shows up. Commodore Pellew is grumbling under her dress, with impatience to take action. She pat his shoulder gently, whispering very low that it shall be not to long before he should get out.

Luckily the timing is so good that all three men are knocked unconscious within minutes.

Then they tied the men to prepare them self for worse.

At the same time, bad guy 2 comes back and looses his step on a rope that Gilly had carefully lay across the garden entrance. Then she jumped on his back, and knocked him off with a gargoyle.

The battle had started in the Hall, Matthews is fighting viciously his enemy, Syles has run up the stair case after another one, they both hope that the back up will arrives soon. A chance that Horatio, Kennedy and Bush had the good idea to wear costumes which could allow them to wear their own weapon. It help to resist the enemy while waiting for the others to show up

Archie is fighting with a rascal, and gets pushed towards the scared guests. Miss Sharon, stunned by his bravery, lost her balance when Archie lend on her knees which makes spilled the glass of red wine all over her costume Poor Archie noticed Sharon dress, apologize and hand her his handkerchief

He is about to give it to her, that someone grab him from behind, and his hands slipped trough her breast, making Archie turn beet-red He tries to get rid off of his assailant and Miss Sharon, without hesitation grabs a plate off the table and breaks it over the assailant head. Stunned, the men looses his grip on Archie, who quickly liberate himself and knock a direct punch at him, having him make a turn on himself before he hit the ground, unconscious

Archie thanks Miss Sharon and continue his battle, saying to himself that he will make his apology later He is still worry for Miss Loulou "Where is she?"

Miss Sharon cast a glance at him while she see him running towards the staircase, saying to herself "What a man he his!" And holding tight on his handkerchief.


THE MASQUERADE-Chapter Eighteen: Row, Row the Boat Gently

Madam Minsky decided to leave the Admiralty Hall with Admiral Aberfoyle. He promised to show her a visit of his former ship, The Kannada, which is anchor in the bay.

They are rowing together, singing navy songs, and drinking a fine bottle of Rum, that they had carefully took from a busy servant.

Aboard The Kannada, the crew is running left and right, agitated by the presence of Admiral Aberfoyle. They had not recognized the man disguised as a pirate, but now they are getting in line to great him. The welcoming whistle sound is heard just in time to greet the Admiral on board.

Aberfoyle- That is fine gentlemen, carry on, I am not here for business

The crew salute their Admiral, giving each other a funny look at the scene of a bumblebee making his way up into the ship. To the amusement of the Admiral, their eyes wandered back and forward from him to Madam Minsky. Once the Admiral had helped Madam Minsky to get aboard the ship, they walk directly to his cabin, and continue drinking that fine Rum.

Aberfoyle- Madam, I am sorry about my men, they have not seen any women in month, and their leave is due only by tomorrow.

Minsky- I understand very well my dear, these men are not made of iron.

Aberfoyle- Showing with a gracious movement of his hands, he invite Madam Minsky to have a sit on the couch. She sits comfortably, and waited for him to do the same.

Minsky- You were saying earlier, Admiral, that The Kannada ship was yours during the war!

Aberfoyle- "Yes Madam" Sitting closely next to her that Madam Minsky could feel his strong legs next to hers, which are only covered by yellow tights

Minsky- Hum, Please tell me more. I always been interesting about the story of a ship and also about sea battles, you must have some good stories to tell me.

Aberfoyle- Yes, indeed, that ship behave well at sea, she' s seen the world and survived a lot of battles -He paused for a moment- I could say that The Kannada is carrying my entire memory through his guts-Getting closer to Madam Minsky

Minsky- Oh! That must have been horrible battle at sea my dear! I heard that some men were found a few days after the wreckage of their ship. They were not in good shapeBut luckily they were pick up by the allies forces, but some of them were not so lucky and end up into Spain stinky jails, poor men- She feels a warm breath along her necktry to move a little away

Aberfoyle- "Indeed it was" -Playing with her wings- "And what helped me to survive these battles" -Playing with her antennas with his fingers- "That was coming back to the harbor to meet such lady like you Madam!" - His green piercing eyes are looking directly into hers, as he try to put his hands around her headMadam Minsky trying to resist his attempt

Minsky- Monsieur I shall protest! I have just meet you tonight! "Un peu de tenue Monsieur!"

Aberfoyle- Oh! Madam, far is my intention to abuse of your own person I am such a gentleman, that I would retrieve myself before I do so. Even if I have been away at sea for a long time, never I would try to do such horrible act! My apologies if I offended you Madam! My intentions are sincere!

Minsky- I understand very well Monsieur! Please hand me another glass of that fine Rum.

Aberfoyle- As you wishes, Madam, but I shall warned you about it

Minsky- I know, Admiral You were saying earlier?

Aberfoyle- mmm, let me remember, oh yes, I was saying that it was always a pleasure for me to come back in the harbor, because it give me the time to fulfilled my duties as an officer, and also to meet such lady like you Madam Minsky.

Minsky- Yes, but this is the first time that you have met me Sir.

Aberfoyle- Far from trying to offend you Madam, I did remember you from a previous encounter.

Minsky- Really? You saw me before this reception? Where shall I ask Sir?

Aberfoyle- I will never forget Madam, the way you look that night. You were handsomely dressed with your beautiful Navy Blue satin dress. Your blond locks raised up onto the top of your head, attached by a pearl ribbon

Minsky- Speechless Well Admiral, you surprise me! I do have such a dress, but I did not wear it since the last time I was at the Opera in London!

Aberfoyle- That is exactly where I saw you the first time, walking up the staircase of the Opera House

Minsky- And you are really sure it was me?

Aberfoyle- Yes Madam, there is no doubt about it!

Minsky- I would have remembered you if I had met you Sir. But I have no recollection about it. I saw a play long time ago in London, and never came back.

Aberfoyle- I assure you Madam that it was The Phantom of the Opera playing that night. That is where I saw you the first time!

Minsky- Still surprise Hesitate to ask a question, then go for it: "Then it must have been you Sir! Was it you Sir?"

Aberfoyle smiling at her and looking directly into her eyes " After all that time you do remember! Yes, I sent the red roses to your attention Madam! And I will never forget the expression on your face upon receiving them. I kept this in my memory forever."

He grab her head in between his warm hands, then lean closer to her to give her a kiss. She approach herself toward him and answer his kiss, a busy bee humming for honeyHis strong arms are pressing her against his body flattening the foam surronding the bumblebee Here they are rolling off the couch

Time fly by (Bzzzzz) quickly when you are in good company, and the happy couple decided to head back to the Admiralty Hall. They get back into the small boat, and both started rowing gently, in zigzag, toward the dock. Drinking what's left of the Rum bottle they have started earlier. Then stopping for a kiss or two, then continuing rowing, then stopping to kiss again, until they get disturb by passer by outraged by what they saw Their boat was brought back near the dock by the high tide Blushing, but happy of their little escapade, they laugh loudly as the people gets away from the scene. Barely recognizable, the bumblebee and the pirate boarded the dock and head back to the party.

The new couple has no idea of the events they are about to encounter within their entrance to the Hall


Chapter Nineteen: Endangered.

On the second floor, Miss Loulou is putting powder on her nose when she hears a large crackling sound coming from the room beside. She carefully inquiring about the unusual sound and, when she opened the door of the powder room, she faces with a man dressed in black. In shock, she could only see his piercing black eyes starring at her. She knows then, that she was endangered when she saw the reflection of a blade flashing at her.

Quickly, she tries to slammed the door at the man, but her opponent is stronger than her, then he force open the door making Miss Loulou loose her balance and knocked her head onto the entrance desk.

Once the assailant enters the room, he found her on the ground unconscious. Give her a kick in the ribs, waiting for any complaint from her, but hears no sound coming from her mouth. Then he leaves her on the ground lying into her own blood. "No time for you lady but I shall come back later" He leans forward to her and could barely see her chest moving "I' ll come back and finish my job" while playing into her long locks covered in blood. Saying to him self, lady with flower scents like yours are mine, you will be MY prize! Then he left the room.

The ruffian continues his search onto other surronding space on the second floor. He hears more noise coming from an adjacent room in the middle of the corridor. He makes his way trough the room he wants to investigate accompanied with another of his companion. Making hand gesture. The second man signals that there are two persons into the room, a man and a woman. It does makes the leading man smile

Bad boy 1- Whispering- Do you see who they are?

Bad boy 2- Whispering- No, not really, I could only see his dark brown hairs from the back

Bad boy 1- Is that the man we are looking for?

Bad boy 2- I am not sure, he seems to me of a lighter build than Commodore Pellew

Bad boy 1- ShhhuuuttttttRaising his fingers to his mouth

Meanwhile, in the study, a happy couple did not hear anything of the commotion going on down the Admiralty Hall They are not aware of the two men spying on them

Lt. Bush is massaging Lady Karin shoulders. He gently kisses her neck, making his way down her shoulders

Bush- Dear Karin, what a great view to my eyes to see such beauty

Karin- Oh! Yes, William, this is so romantic

Bush- You like it?

Karin- Oh! Yes, you had a great idea. This is a beautiful view of the Harbor we have here And away from the crowd

Bush- Mmmm, continuing his way down her shoulder, well, I was not talking about the view of the port my dear

Karin- Giggling, oh, hum hehehe, embarrassed

Bush- I was, hum, talking mmm, about a certain Lady present in the room

Karin- Oh, hum, well, I am very please about the compliment William, my dear

Bush- Hum, hum, would you like me to mumbling his words removed that little piece of meat from fromthese beautiful curves of your?

Karin- Oh, good lord, oh god, oh yeeessss, isn't why we went up for? Gently if you please, take your time

Bush is about to slowly reach the area with his voluptuous lips that

BANNNNNNG, the door slammed open, the two scoundrels decided at that moment to ambush their victims But the agility and rapidity of Lt. Bush surpassed them. He tossed them beside the wall swinging a chair at one of them, then injured one with his trident. Lady Karin is frozen at the scene. There are more coming on their way and their only hope of escape is to go down, but how?

Bush looks around quickly then see their escape route. He grabs solidly Lady Karin by her waist, then grabs the flower rope attached on the beam

Karin- Oh, William, I know that sounds absurd, but if anything happen to any one of us, I want you to know that I want you more than anything in the world, and that I love you very much!

Bush- Smile, and growled: "me too, but there is no time for this now Hold on tight Karin I will bring you down to safety"

Karin still under the shock of the attack , tries to remember what Bush has just told her"Hu? Down? What do you mean?"

Bad boy 1- Come here b%stard, I am not finish with you

Bush- Defiantly, I AM! Good bye! He gives him a kick in the chest then, hold on tight to Karin, by the same time he jump Dowwwwwnnnn we gooooooo

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Karin keeps screaming all the way down. She holds very tight on Bush, and keeps her eyes shut. They both end up falling onto three villain of the Forester Party, and knocked them off by their fall

Karin opens one eye "Wow I am in one piece" Then opened the other one , glancing at an amused Bush, and gets quickly back to reality The fight was not finished, they were in the middle of a fierce battle Bush kisses her on the lips, tossed her back with the other ladies "I will be back, you are safe here" He grabs a sword and a pistol, then disapears into the crowd to continue fighting

He end up back to back with Matthews, and ask him where was their back up.

Matthews- The back up is on their way Sir It is just a matter of time They might have been blocked at the entrance because we are totally surrounded The Forester Party had blocked all possible entrances and exitWe were took by surprise Sir! We were not enough to see them coming

Bush- Do not worry Matthews, I am sure that we will vindicate that mad party Where is Horatio?

Matthews- I believe he went and search for powder, to blow up an entrance for our back up to come in Sir

Bush- And where is Kennedy?

Matthews- I believe I saw him fighting near by the staircase Sir


Bush- What was that?

Matthews- Horatio, I believe! That was coming from the main entrance of the Hallway

Bush- Great, I hope they are our men!

Matthews- Here they are Sir!

The marines are making their way through the Hall, followed by Lt. Wellard and Mr. Hobbs

Bush- Smiling, right in time as always!

Matthews is about to receive a shot on his head, when Miss Jean poke a candle in between the eyes of his adversarysending him on his knees with pain. Then she swing the candle holder towards that enemy, but he avoid the hit The enemy is laughing hysterically at Miss Jean, but not for longShe had prepare herself for a back up swing, and got him right onto the back of the head WAAAACCCCK, down he goes unconscious on the groundTo the amazement of Matthews eyes

Matthews- Thank you Ma'm I am in debt from you Ma'm

Jean- As you wishes Monsieur, we shall meet again later on Miss Jean at your service, then she vanished into the crowd Leaving Matthews the memory of her warm eye contact, and her soft voice

Matthews- What a lady!

Bush- Indeed Mathews She is


THE MASQUERADE- Chapter Twenty: Rude Awakening

Miss Loulou wakes up feeling a sharp shooting pain on the back of her head. Reaching with her hands the location of the pain, she felt a large bump with clotting blood on her hair.

Then the memory of the assault comes back like flashing lightening "Oh no! I was pushed! I must warned the others!" She tries to get up, but falls right back on the ground. Then she reaches the table near her, then try to get up very slowly. Her head is spinning, but she managed to reach another table. Miss Loulou managed to reach the doorknob, which is slippery to open due to the blood on her hands. Her head is aching, and her vision very blurred But her will to warn the others is stronger. She finally gets the door open and quickly realized that it is too late She could hear the fight going down the Hall

Miss Loulou decided to leave the room anyway. Stumbling along the wall, and ask herself "Where is Archie? Oh my god, that is worse than we all expected Did I really hear from these man that they wanted Commodore Pellew? I have to tell Archie about it! May be we still have a chance to save the man!"

The shot she receive on her head makes her weak, but she is able to reach the end of the corridor, glancing at a brown chicken ready to flyOh god! I was knocked hard" But, suddenly realize that there was a welcoming party waiting for her "Oh no! I am trapped, no way for escape!" She lean against the wall, trying to reach her secret weapon

While fighting with bravery Archie tried desperately to find Miss Loulou. He could' t see her anywhere in the Hall. His instinct leads him to the second floor of the Admiralty. He has seen Lt. Bush flying down with Lady Karin, and perhaps, Miss Loulou could be there.

He ran up the stairs, rolled down another rascal, then, rage got him like never beforeD@mn Forester Party, I will fight you until the last one drop dead or rotten in jail! His sweet Loulou was trapped at the end of the corridor, facing an attacker. It seems she was bending over to get the attention of the man. Archie's heart made a turn on itself. That man is about to slain Miss Loulou Archie run as fast as he could to challenge the man.

Archie- How dare you attack a women! Now be a man, and fight like a man if you could!- His facial expression says it all

Bad guy- Turned his back to Miss Loulou, than rage back towards Archie saying:

"I'll do ya b%stard first, then I'll do the b%tch next"

Archie quicker than the man makes a sharp move to the left, flying is sword over his head, and gets the man on his side. Then, the bad guy could' t stop his movement and falls over the railsTo Archie's satisfaction.

Miss Loulou try to run to him but fell into Archie's arms- "Oh Archie, I am so glad to see you! Good timing too! I could' t get my pistol, it got stuck

Archie- Looking down at her dress, turned red-beet, and looks back at her.

"Well, Loulou, I could see why! Very fine indeed trying to keep is enthusiasm and smiling Miss Loulou intrigued looked down at her dress, blushes It is half way up to her knees leaving her long legs uncovered. The dress was stuck in the girdle, with the pistol

Loulou- "Oh dear god!" While pulling down her dress, she couldn't look back at him right away knowing he was still staring at her. Then she felt an iron grip tossing her towards the wall. Then his athletic body leaning towards hers. Archie was kissing her at the base of the neck She did not push him away, of course, enjoying every moment He is about to kiss her on the lips that They got attack again!

Loulou- LOOK OUT ARCHIE! Two of them

Archie quickly rise his sword to the man, and see a flying vase hitting the head of one of the assailant and then see him falling like a rock on the ground. Smiling, Archie continue with the other one, who is afraid of him, and ran away

Archie- That' s it, coward! Run to your mama

Both Archie and Miss Loulou look at each other and start laughing hysterically. Archie looks around and see no one He grab Miss Loulou and give her a kiss which is answer by hers "mmm Loulou, we got to see what's going on down there, we will get back to this later my dear. But what is that sticky liquid on you back?"

Loulou- Hum, nothing Archie, just a little scratchBut I agree we shall continue later what we just started Smiling Oh I almost forgot with all that commotion, Commodore Pellew is in great danger, they want him, but I do not know why?

Archie- We have to tell the others. Our back up has arrived, but sweet Loulou you better stay with the other ladies. You need to have that wound check up. Just a little scratchLet me look at it

Loulou- "No, no, I am all right Archie" -But she could not keep a straight line while walking

Archie- That is an order my dearI will take very good care of you when that little battle is finish!

Loulou- All right, you winI will stay with the ladies.

Archie- By the way Loulou, nice hit with the vase

Loulou- Oh, it was a pleasure my dear, I was just afraid that I could missed my target My vision is a little blurred

Archie- I am sure that you waited the right moment Lets go down, I will bring you down with Miss Wendy and Miss Kathleen. And Dr. Clives is not that far either

Loulou- Oh no, not Dr. Clives he still hated me. Since I took you away from the jail hospital

Archie- Do not worry Loulou, he knows now that was for my good He does not have anything against you

Loulou- I hope so.

They arrive in the Hall and it seems the battle got a little quieter. There is a large hole at the main entrance guarded by the marines. They have managed to push half the Forester Party towards the exterior. A few scared guests are gathering in a corner, and some of them in the garden. But the guests in the garden are getting noisier...

I want to investigate what is happening now. Stay with Miss Wendy and Miss Kathleen. I will verify what's going on in the garden.

At the same moment a flying brown chicken, holding a sword on his right hand, oups, right wings, is hanging tight with the other wing, oups, hand, Down he goes from the balcony towards the enemy trying to get Lt. Wellard.

Eccleston- Who is that brown chicken? Or man?

Wendy- I do believe Sir it is one of yours

Eccleston- What!?! Looking more yes, indeed, oh my I couldn't recognize Styles with that ridiculous costume

Wendy- I think it is a great costume, every one is entitle to his opinion Sir.

Eccleston- It must have been the last costume on the shelf

Styles- Aye, aye Sir Nice to be back into action Sir

Eccleston- I' ll be d%mn, that is really you Styles?

Styles- Yes, Sir He leaves right away towards another villain

Styles- I'll get ya bummer Come here, ya hear me! Running after the man

Suddenly he could feel a blade going through his back. Thousands of brown feathers are flying into the air Styles eyes split into a maniac look, he turns back towards the coward who tried to hit him by the back. And fight back like the devil into holly water The man try to resist but Styles won his battle.

Styles- That pay ya to get som`one by tha` back

Miss Melanie is watching every movement the man does. "Oh my, that man is mine. The brave man will be mine, and I will take care of his feather These eyes, hummm I could swim into them any time. Miss Wendy, you know the name of that man in that brown chicken costume?

Wendy- Of course, this is Styles, a good friend of mine You seem very interested in him?

Melanie- Indeed I am, mmm, does he have a

Wendy- No, you are lucky! He does not have any love ladyI could make the arrangement that you meet him later on if you wishHe is a good man! And very combative as you could see!

Melanie- Trying to retain her excitement You really will?

Wendy- Of course I willLet me get him before he goes away

Melanie- YYes but wait that the battle is finish

Wendy- I will

Those few ladies gathering in the corner of the Hall are now watching in terror the fight unveiling in front of their eyes. They are now starting to take side for their man.

Wendy- Oh! Miss Kathleen, look at that dashing young man over there!

Kathleen- Which one?- Trying to look through the group

Wendy- The one in uniform, dark browns hairs! ­Jumping up and down- He is so handsome! Look at these dark eyes mama!

Kathleen- Retain your self my dear! Well, yes not bad not bad at all-Then she continue to look around the room, trying to catch a glance of the one she likes the most

Wendy- Who are you looking for Miss Kathleen

Kathleen- Hu? I very much like Mr. Hobbs, but I did not see him yet!

Wendy- I think I saw him leaving with Lt. Bush towards the dock

Kathleen- With a facial expression which shows her deepest disappointment

Wendy- Don't worry, you will see him again

And to her happiness Mr. Hobbs runs back in to pick up a barrel of powder left beside them

Kathleen- Almost faint to the view of those piercing blue eyes looking at her.

"Oh, Mr. Hobbs"

He bend to pick up the barrel, exchange a look with Miss Kathleen then runs back towards the dock, smiling at Miss Kathleen. He almost missed the exit and knocked his shoulder on the side of the wall.

Kathleen- Have you seen this ladies! He looks at me! Twice!

Wendy- Well, well, my dear I guess we do not need to introduce you to him now

Kathleen- I am so happy, but hey, I think the situation here does not get any betterWe better move to a safer place.

Wendy- Look, over there, Miss Sharon, right under the staircase

Kathleen- Come with us Miss Loulou, we will help you to move over there

Loulou- Thank you Miss Kathleen and Miss Wendy. And if my vision is clear, I think Miss Wendy, your lovely man is coming towards us

Wendy- What?

Loulou- This is Lt. Wellard my dear I shall introduce you later if you wish so. He is a dear friend of Archie. A very good man too, but very shy though

Wendy- Oh great, it will be very nice of you to do so! Thank you Miss Loulou. I could take care of his shyness later on hehehehe

Loulou- Oh! You clever little marvel.

Eccleston- Ladies, have you seen Miss Capital? I can`t find here

No, we have not seen her lately. Perhaps Lady Karin is with her, because we have not seen her either.

Loulou- Yes but she must have followed Lt. Bush on the dock

Eccleston- That will be right Miss Loulou. What happened to you ?

Loulou- A long story Lt. Eccleston, I will tell you in a better time than this.

You better find Miss Capital, before it happen the same thing to here

Wendy- Try around the kitchen area, I do believe that is the last time I saw her.

Eccleston- Thank you Miss Wendy, I am on my way to see.


THE MASQUERADE- Chapter Twenty-one: The Poker and the Pan

Miss Capital is standing in the kitchen and hears that someone is trying the doorknob. Panicked, she quickly grabs a large frying pan and prepared herself for the worse If they want her, they better be ready for a fight! She won't surrender that easily. I am not the daughter of a Commodore for nothing. Thanks to her father she has learn the joy of fencing, which is almost strictly reserved to the men.

She runs quickly to blew off every single lights into the kitchen It is almost pitch dark in the kitchen by the exception of the small fire left out in the mantle. The orange glow is not bright enough to lighten the large room. And it leave enough dark areas that Miss Capital could easily hides herself in many places. Her "petite" size helped her also for it.

Lifting the heavy object with her both hands, she is ready to strike. Her heart is pounding very rapidly. She feels the heath of the adrenaline coming through her bloodHer hands are cold as ice, but her will for surviving is very strong! She is about to hit as hard as one can but her swing is stopped just in time to steer clear from Lt. Eccleston head. And from him to slightly toss him self over to missed the fatal shot.

Eccleston- "SWEETIE!"-Rushing towards her to hold her in his arms- "There you are my dear Capital. I was afraid that you were savagely attacked by those ruffians" -Exclaimed an happy Eccleston- "But I surely see that you were very well prepared my dear!"

Capital- Lowering the frying pan in relief- "Oh dear, I am happy to see you safe my love!" And give him back a bare hug with a few kisses.

Eccleston- Looking at the frying pan- "I could see I was lucky to managed out of that hit that would have been mortal


Eccleston is quick enough to dodge off a mortal shot He rolls down to the ground while Capital follows is movements Then from the floor he faces his enemy, protecting himself with his gladiator shield. Tossing Miss Capital closer to the large table near the fireplace. He lost his sword to that maneuver, but was able to slide his spears next to him. Waiting for the right moment, Eccleston holds his weapon in his hands next to him. Evaluating every movement of his adversary. While the villain prepared to swing the weapon to him, Eccleston lifted the spear up then pierce the man body with it. The shot is mortal.

Another one has arrived while Eccleston was fighting. But he did not see him. Capital has quickly grabbed the poker from the hot bricks of the fireplace. Because she was hidden under the large table the man has not seen her.

Eccleston is in great danger; the bloodthirsty man is going to have his skin. Suddenly, Miss Capital aimed his butt with the red-hot poker, and then scream of pain comes from the man, followed by the drop of his weapon to the ground. While he kept bouncing out of pain, Eccleston took advantage of the situation, and grab his sword, then killed the man.

Eccleston- Thank you again my sweet love! I was fried

Capital- My sweet love, I would do anything to save the man I love so dearly!

Eccleston- I am profoundly touched

Capital- We shall go back to the Hall, I heard that the marines have arrived!

Eccleston- "Yes, but just a moment dear" He gently pulls her towards him, and kissed her deeply while he surrounds her with his strong-arms. Feeling her knees weakening under her, Miss Capital answer his kiss, passing her hands along his back all the way down his buttock

Capital- I just needed this to relax my love!

Eccleston- I am happy my love, but now we shall get back to the Hall. We better be careful because the place is swarming with the Forester Party.

Capital- You are right, and I hope we will finally get them tonight.

Eccleston- That will be your gift my sweetheart!

Capital- After all, they have the guts to try to ruin my birthday party! D%mn those Forester Party!

Eccleston- Lets go my dear, follow me closely.

Capital- I will my dear

When they try to exit the kitchen a welcoming furious miscreants are standing in front of them. Eccleston, when he see that, back up quickly into the kitchen, pushing instantly Miss Capital with him. She almost lost her balance, but recovered quickly

Capital- What happened?

Eccleston- "The Forester Party in large number" Trying at the same time to block the door with the large table

Capital- Pointing at the end of the room, over there honey, we could exit

Eccleston- You go first, I will try to retain the group before I go.

Capital- NO, I am not leaving without you!

Eccleston- "I disagree Miss!" Trying to keep the door close

Capital- Holding the frying pan on one hand, and on the other one a swordWith a defiant look on her face" Make me dear!"

Eccleston- Surprised from such display of courage coming from a lady he finally surrender to her"Be careful my lovethey are many of them"

Capital- I will my love

While they prepare for the worse, the marines arrive just in time to help them defend them self. They are save by the bellOr shall I say by the marines


THE MASQUERADE- Chapter Twenty-two: Fighting in Pair.

Lt. Wellard is striking his blade at a miscreant, then suddenly hear KABOOOING He looks over his shoulders, and sees a lady with a pink tutu. She is giving him her best smile, while holding in her hands a large silver tray. He looks down quickly at the unconscious rebel, then look back at her.

Wellard- You did that Miss?

Wendy- Reply with a shy answer"Yes Sir"

Wellard- Thank you Miss?

Wendy- Miss Wendy Sir! At your service

Wellard- Good strike Miss Wendy. I am Lt. Wellard of his Majesty British Navy, at your service. - While he strikes an opponent- "I am very happy to have meet you Miss Wendy, under such circumstances"- His cheeks are getting reddish

Wendy- The pleasure is mine Sir!

Lt. Wellard continues his fight against more in coming mad villain Slice another opponent, then look at Miss Wendy "Please Miss, do not stay here, follow me to safety" He hold her hand, and start moving toward the garden

Miss Wendy gladly follows Wellard in the garden. He takes his jacket off, for her to cover her shoulders. Their eyes meet for a split second. His delicious lips are half open and very invitingShe is very temptedThat gaze have the duration of the eternity She could see tenderness in these dark mysterious black eyes. She put her arms around him, he try to resist, but he is also tempted by herShe is about to give him a kiss She realize that her hands are wet with a certain fluidShe looks at her hands, they are red, she step back with surprise, then look at Wellard!

Wendy- Mr. Wellard, are you all right? Where that blood is coming from?-Trying to look at him and to find the wound

Wellard pale face says it all. He does not wanted to scarred her more than she is, but it is too late, she knows already He was injured during his fight

Miss Wendy can't let him go like that, and refuse that the man leaves her

Wendy- You are not going anywhere young man!

Wellard tries to get away from her, but get caught by her strong grip, and gets back towards her with pain written on his face

Wendy found the location of his injury. "Oh my gawd! You can't continue like that! Dr. Clives! Dr. Clives, where are you?"

Wellard drops his sword, and almost fell unconscious. Miss Wendy caught him just in time to help him sit on the bench Dr. Clives is running towards them with his equipment

Clives- Let me take care of him.

Wendy- Please, hurry, I believe he lost a lot of blood

Clives- I will be the one to decide Miss, hand me some cloth please

Wendy give him what he ask for She watch helplessly Dr. Clives while he takes care of Lt. Wellard

In the meantime, they are not aware that more danger is getting towards them

Suddenly, a flying brown chicken coming from the above window, fly by them, slicing one villain on his chest, and kicking the other one with his legsBringing back Miss Wendy to the reality of the danger surrounding them.

Dr. Clives is too concentrated on his duty to see what is unveiling around him, but Miss Wendy took action and gets Wellard sword. She started fencing with a rascal with all the force she has within herself. "I will save you Mr. Wellard!" One more strike and he is gone

While Styles is watching her fencing, he is very amazed of her dexterity "Well Mis' ya very impress th't wat' a Mis' like ya could do!"

Wendy- Well, Styles, when a man of my clan is in danger, I will do all I can to help him! And tank you for your help Styles!

Styles- Ya welcom' Mis'

On the other side of the garden, Lady Tricia has just take position with her sword. She could hear the sound of the Spanish guitar playing a rattling tune in her head She is deeply fixing with her eyes a man who has endangered her dear Horatio earlier She started moving in small steps, tap, tap, tap, towards him

The man is fixing her with his blooded eyes, waiting for the right moment to attack her. He is afraid of her tenacity

Suddenly, she scream: "TORRO, TORRO" tossed her red cape into the air, continues with a "AYE, AYE, CARA%%$BA!" She surprise her attacker by her reaction, then strikes him down Dead he drops on the ground. She wipe her blade on his dead body, and gets ready to strike again "That will be your lesson of NOT touching what is MINE!".

On these words Horatio is very flattered, but as usual, he shows no emotion. He smile slightly to her victory, saying to himself, wow, that woman is a real fighter! We could have a few like her on board of the ship and oh no I am not going there He wipes is idea of having women on board of his ship

Tricia- My dear Horatio, you are hereCome to me my love I have a little secret to tell you.

Horatio- A secret my dear Tricia? ­ He is approaching her very quickly, he is so curious to know her little secret

Tricia- A little closer Horatio.

Horatio- He is so close that he could feel her breath blowing into his neck"I am listening Tricia".

Tricia- Are you? Really?

Horatio- Well, yes..

Tricia- How would you like to

Suddenly, attack from behind, a few men in black run towards them

Horatio rolling his eyes to the sky, "again!", get ready for a counter attack accompanied by Lady Tricia.

Tricia- "All right, more goodies for me!"

She prepared herself to the worse and again started her little dance in front of the amused men Tap, tap, tap, Her facial expression is made of ice. She advance towards the men very assured of what she is about to do. Tap, tap, tap, in small steps she is getting very close of her adversary. She is flapping her red cape to hypnotize them, and it is working. She still has that little rattling sound of guitar in her head

Suddenly, she moved a few large steps onto the left, and displayed a large smile The men are taken by surpriseTheir smile drops to the view of the Captain. Horatio is waiting in front of them with two small canons pointed at them Smiling at them, he lights up the trigger of both canons and FIYAH! Leaving a few flying men scattered into a multitude of pieces around the garden

Tricia- "Bye, bye bad men" ­And looking towards Horatio, "Don't you like my little secret dear?"

Horatio- Smiling, of course I do Tricia!

Tricia- Come closer my loveMaking her best smile

Horatio- Approaching closer to her he felt a strong grip bringing him quickly towards Tricia. His eyes are now looking directly into hers. Her large eyes are saying everything in once He is ablaze by her will He tries to resist as a gentleman, but his will is forcing him to let go, as he bring his lips to hers, while she caress his face gently

"Captain Hornblower! Captain! Sir!" Arrives a running Matthews

Horatio- Rolled his eyes to the sky again, WHAT!!!!

Tricia is not very happyCrossed her arms and looks towards Matthews.

Matthews- Captain, Sir, I have an important message for you Sir!


THE MASQUERADE- Chapter Twenty-three: Sneaky Kidnapping.

Matthews continue his battle towards the quarter maids. Suddenly the room started spinning around him, then it darken He falls unconscious on the ground.

Back in the garden Lady Joanie is giggling, and making funny moves The Lyndsayteers are wondering what would happen next, if any of the bad men from the Forester Party would show up.

Commodore Pellew just got bored hiding under Lady Joanie's dress. Not that he does not enjoy it, but in his mind he does not like to be hiding like a woman, under a dress, him , a fighter! Scared by the Frogs, and idolized by the Spanish! But he is very happy to be out of the water. To pass interesting time, since he was in a good position to be, he decided to pass his lips along Joanie smooth legs. Making her knees weakening to the voracious demand of the Commodore. He nibble his way to her knees then

Joanie- Oh please, stop Eddie, I can't take it any more The danger is not over yet

He answered by a smooth growlMaking Joanie giggle again

The Lyndsayteers wondering what was that reply for, wanted to know what was happening; but did not dare to ask after they saw Lady Joanie blushing in a purple color.

A man dressed as a Chinese Warrior makes his entry in the garden. Miss Gilly, on post, is about to knock him out when Miss Mindy stopped her in time.

Mindy- NO GILLY! This one is a good man! This is Mr. Matthews

Gilly- "Oh Mr. Matthews, I am so sorry!" Looking at him, she sees a cloth soak with blood wrapped around his neck. "What happen Mr. Matthews?"

The man answered by hand gestures. He shows the movement of a fight, then shows a hand sliding through his throat then stopped.

Gilly- Oh my god Mr. Matthews, that must have been horrible!

The man nodded his head, then hands out a paper to Miss Gilly.

Gilly- Taking the paper in her hands. "Yes, of course, at least I could read you!" She unfold the paper and start reading the message: " If you know the where about of Commodore Pellew and Lady Joanie, please let Mr. Matthews accompany them to safety into the boat anchor at the dock. This is very important, they are in great danger! Signed, Yours truly, Capt. H. Hornblower."

Mindy- A little skeptical, wanted to see the letter. "Well, it seems like Capt. Hornblower hand writing" Then still hesitate"But, where is exactly Capt. Hornblower Mr. Matthews?"

The man is making signs again, showing the Captain was fighting somewhere else

Mindy- Fine, Mr. Matthews, then for his own safety, we shall tell you where he is Commodore Pellew, please show yourself!

Pellew- Coming out of Lady Joanie's dress "About time that I get out. I was cramped down there"

Joanie- Not for the last minute Sir! ­Smiling at him

Pellew answered Lady Joanie with a corner smile and twinkles in his eyes, then addresses to Mr. Matthews.

Pellew- Sorry Mr. Matthews to see you in such of state! Hope you will recover soon. Since there is no time to discuss, where should we go?

Whit his fingers, the man point out at the end of the garden, which leads to the dock. Then mime to be quiet when they approach the gate. Lady Joanie follows the Commodore very closely. There are no signs of any living creature around. They proceed quietly to the boat

Suddenly they are cornered and attacked by men dressed in black uniforms, aiming at them with their pistols and swords. Commodore Pellew raised his sword ready to strike. Lady Joanie is grabbed and pulled by the back and held against a man holding a knife to her throat.

Bad guy- Surrender Commodore Pellew! You are out number and you certainly do not want this Lady to be our next casualty? Don't you?

Pellew give a glance at Lady Joanie, held by a man. His blood boil of rage, if he would have canon in his eyes, these men would be already deadHe surrender his sword to the man

The bad guy turned towards Mr. Matthews and shout: "Get them aboard the boat and keep an eye on them. And if he try to escape kill the woman!"

"Aye, aye Sir" The man answer by a strong voice, to the surprised Commodore and Lady Joanie.

Bad guy 2- "You hear what he said, get into the boat now", pushing them roughly towards the boat. Or I shall tied you like breakfast sausage

Joanie- That is not Matthews voice!

Pellew- I noticed too! The Forester Party tricked us!

Bad guy 2- Silence, and move on! Yes Sir, and I will remember this all my life too! BWHAHAHAHAHA

Meanwhile Matthews struggle into a cabinet, trying to free himself from his restrain. He kept banging into the door but could not get it opened Suddenly the door opened, and to his own surprise, he sees a lovely figure with a shiny smilesaying to himself: "Oh that nice Chinese Lady from my table"

Jean- Oh Sir, blushing, I am sorry looking away

That poor Matthew has only his wooly boxers left on his naked body

Matthews- Realizing his awkward situation, blushing profusely, but with grace asks the lady: "Would you please get me out of here!"

Jean- "Of course I will Mr. Matthews! I will close the door, but just give me a few minutes, I will be back with some clothing I could borrow from the maids. Hold on a moment Sir!" Trying to makes the man feel at ease, she covered him with a large tablecloth, then untied Matthews's hands "I will be back Mr. Matthews".

Matthews- All right Miss Jean, believe me I won`t move from here!

It does not take long that Miss Jean comes back with a pair of pants and a shirt for MatthewsJust the right size too! And of course, not that long for Matthews to get dressed!

Matthews- Thank you very much Miss Jean! But how come you know my name? We did not have the chance to get presented at the diner.

Jean- I know Mr. Matthews, because my friend Miss Melanie is, ahem, Mr. Styles secret admire, blushing

Matthews- This is coming all clear to me then! I remember Styles talking about Miss Melanie; she is the one dressed as a red fox? Is she?

Jean- Yes, indeed she is the one!

Matthews- You could tell your friend that he really likes her very much.

Jean- I may Monsieur! I am so happy to hear this, that it will not take me long to let her know!

Matthews- Miss, hesitate a little, Miss, if that battle ends, and if only you wanted

Jean- Yes Mr. Matthews

Matthews- Well I would like to ask you Miss for a dance

Jean- Surprised, but very happy, "Oh yes, Mr. Matthews! I would be very happy and honored to dance with you! I hope we could still dance after all that mess!"

Matthews- Now, if you excuse me, I shall get back to my duties. I have an important message to be delivered to Captain Hornblower.

Jean- "You may Mr. Matthews!" as she writes down on her booklet, my first dance is with Mr. Matthews "What a gentleman he is, and he won`t be like those j"/$rk who try to get into my skirt Now I shall get back with the other ladies, it is safer."

Matthews arrives in front of Captain Hornblower, "SIR, I have an important message for you Sir!"

Horatio- My gawd, what happen to you Matthews?

Matthews- No time to explain SirI have bad news Sir!

Horatio- Tell me my brave man!

Matthews- I do believe that Commodore Pellew is in great danger, and so is Lady Joanie Sir!

Horatio- I just had the information Mr. Matthews. They were looking for him earlier, but could not find him anywhere. They were really mad!

Matthews- We have to hide both of them for their own security!

Horatio- First we have to find out where they are

At the same time, Miss Molly hears the conversation and walks closer to them. She looked at both the men, bedazzled, and asked: "Are you Mr. Matthews, the Mr. Matthews from the Indy?"

Matthews- Surprised reply "Yes Miss, I am."

Molly- Oh NO! That is not true!

Horatio- Miss, I could prove it, I am his Captain!

Molly is in shock, she is frozen on her feet, her face is very pale

Horatio- MISS! MISS! Are you all right?

Molly- Uh

Horatio gave her a slap on her cheeks SLAAAAPP

Molly- OH MY GAWD!

Horatio- blushing I am sorry Miss

Molly- No, not you Captain, the Commodore!

Horatio and Matthews: "WHAT the Commodore?"

Molly- He was taken earlier by a man dressed like a Chinese Warrior. Miss Mindy confirmed that it was you Mr. Matthews, but OH NO!

Horatio- Do not worry Miss Molly, we will find him

Matthews- I was attack by the back and they took my costume right, at the beginning it was mineThey tricked you very well Miss to get to the Commodore

Horatio- Where did they go? We might have enough time to reach them before they go to far

Molly- Sir, it was only ten minutes ago. They went trough the garden to reach a boat on the dock. And they also had a letter sent and signed by you Captain!

Mindy- I knew it! I knew we should have taken our time and that woudn' t have happened!

Matthews- Please Miss, do not distress yourself any longer. We will get to him as soon as we could.

Horatio- WHAT! I never signed any letters that was probably a false paper to bribe you into their game! We must go before it is too late. Matthews, if you see Styles, tell him to get Lt. Bush and Mr. Hobbs. They could stay on the deck of the Admiralty. There are a few Howitzers, just what we might need for back up Then come back to me, I will warn Lt. Wellard about our situation Then Lt. Kennedy could take over at the Hall with Captain KennedyBut I have not seen him around lately

Molly- Captain, let me show you where they left. Miss Gilly might have seen where they went. She was still suspicious when they left the garden. There is a permanent spyglass in the garden, she might have seen something.

Horatio- Thank you Miss Molly for your help! We shall ask Miss Gilly about it. Lets run to the garden. Be careful, the battle in the Hall has weakened, but it is still dangerous.

Molly- Aye, aye Captain!

Horatio- Smiled at her and runs towards the garden.

Upon their arrival in the garden, Miss Gilly confirmed the situation. She had seen the boat leaving towards a ship, near the end of the harbor. She said she had silently followed the group until they got into the boat Then she did not see anything because her view was block by a shrub. But, she is sure to have over heard the name of the ship they were bringing them on

Gilly- I am almost certain Captain Hornblower, that the name of the ship was "The Bobino" it seems to me that it is a very French name Sir!

Horatio- Indeed it is Miss! The Baw-bee-no you said?

Gilly- Giggle, yes Sir, almost like this, "The Bobino"

Horatio- Thank you for your help Miss Gilly. Do not worry we will take care of the situationMatthews, get a few marines, we are leaving to that ship, "The Baw-bee-no".

Mathews- Aye, aye Sir! The crew is ready to go Sir!

Horatio- Good man Mr. Matthews!

The Lyndsayteers are watching helplessly the Captain, Mr. Matthews and a few marines accompanied them towards "The Bobino". They watch as the two boats disappear into the dark

Horatio- We shall surprised them be very careful while approaching the ship. Feel free to attack when the moment seems right! Raising his fist into the air: "To our Victory!" The men answer back: "To our Victory Sir!"

Horatio looking at the sky at least it is pitch dark. The clouds are covering the full moon. They won' t see us coming


Chapter Twenty-four: À la Rescousse!

Molly turned towards the Lyndsayteers"I do not know if you are thinking the same as I am but, we shall get a boat and joined them!"

Gilly- I agree!

LizMc- Let's get some weapon!

Anglo- And some powder! I know how to use it

Mindy- "All for one and one for all!

All together: "HIP HIP HORRAY!"

Gilly- So, where are the ammunition?

Molly- Follow me!

While Lt. Bush and Mr. Hobbs prepare to be ready to fire at the Forester Party escaping by jolly boat

Miss Melanie and Miss Tricia decided to join the Lyndsayteers on their way to "The Bobino".

Melanie- I want to go! I want to make sure that MY Styles is all right!

Tricia- Hold on a moment you Red Fox! You will not have a bite of that Brown Chicken until the fight is over! Ya hear me!

Melanie- You are right Miss Matador! BUT you will not be able to stop me! HA!

Tricia- Styles is NOT in that ship! HA! He is fighting in the Hall

The Lyndsayteers are getting impatient in front of Tricia and Melanie arguing

Molly- Common! Stop arguing, you either go or stay, BUT we are not wasting any more of our precious time attribute to a certain disagreement about your men ladies!

Tricia- I know what I want, jumping into the jolly boat. Looking defiantly her friend Melanie, are you coming?

Melanie- NO! I am not! I rather go check for MY man, which is still over there in the Hall

Tricia- Fine, I will see you later.

Melanie- Be careful, all of you! Watching them getting away from the dock, disappearing into the dark

Molly- Row, row my beauties, row! And remember we are going towards the stern of the ship. Once we get closer to "The Bobino", I do not want anyone to talk, is that clear!

Lyndsayteers- Aye, aye Captain!

Molly- Smiling, We will get into the ship by the anchor exit We are small enough to get in there

Tricia- I will go first, and if anyone try to get on my way, I will take care of him! Torro!

Mindy- Fine with me Tricia, you seems very well trained

While Horatio' s team are almost arriving to their target. Lt. Bush and Mr. Hobbs are preparing to fire one more shot from the deck.

Bush- Mr. Hobbs, are you ready?

Hobbs- Yes Sir!

Bush- FIYAH!

A bullet flew into the air and whistling sound is heard right next to the Lyndsayteers boat SPLAAAAAASSSSHHH

Molly- Receiving water What was that?

Gilly- They are firing at us! She whip her face from the water she received

LizMc- WHAT?

Mindy- ROW, row faster! That is our only chance

Bush- Looking into his spyglass with amusement saw a Red Fox, a Lion, a Cat, a Dragonfly laughBwhahahaha

Hobbs- What Lt. Bush?

Kathleen, who has been spying on them since the beginning, is running towards them: NO! Please NOT THEM! They are good ladies I assure you!

Bush- Well, well, look who' s there! Miss Kathleen! What a surprise to see you here Do not worry Miss No harm will be done to your friends.

Hobbs looks at her, thenhe is back preparing to reload

Hobbs- Lt. Bush, Sir, the enemy at 12 degree North, NorthEast Sir. That will be enough to clear the merchant ship Sir!

Bush- Reload!

Hobbs- Ready Sir!


KABOOOOOOOMMMM, this time it is a direct hit. The Jolly boat is slowly sinking into the dark water of the harbor. Leaving one or two survivors reaching for debris

Gilly- What was that?

Tricia- Another shot

Gilly- I knew that but

Tricia- OK, flying debris from a jolly boat!

LizMc- And flying boot!

Molly- Laughing, and a hat!

Anglo- Bwhahahaha, an airborne dressing room

Mindy- QUIET! We are getting closer now; we do not want to be discoveredeven if they fired at us, they might not have seen us

The ladies are all very quiet now and get ready to board "The Bobino" by the stern.

Kathleen jumping up and down of joy takes the spyglass off Bush' s hands look then scream: "It's a hit Sir, it's a hit! Bwhahaha Down they go!" Then she jumps into Hobbs arms under the amused eyes of Lt. Bush. Mr. Hobbs does not know how to react under the excitement of the lady. Mr. Hobbs, she said, you got them Sir, you did! Trying to change the conversation, Sir, shall we go and get them now?

Bush- No Mr. Hobbs, let them soak a little longer Our job is done here; we will go back inside to see what we could do more

Hobbs can't move Miss Kathleen is still holding him very tight. She has that funny glare into her eyes; he knows what it means "Miss, yoooo-hoooo! Miss? Are you all right?"

Bush- Laughing "Common Hobbs, give her a kiss and let' s go!"

Hobbs shyly gave her a quick kiss; she is caught by surprise and lost her grip to the man. Mr. Hobbs could freely joined Lt. Bush. Giving him a look"Don't you dare to add any comment Sir!". Lt. Bush nodded his head

Bush- By the way Mr. Hobbs

Hobbs- Yes Sir.

Bush- That was just a suggestion not an order

Hobbs- But, Sir!

Bush- She' s kind of cute, don't you agree? Perhaps later you could ask her for a dance. You can't miss her, a lovely bird of paradise, indeed!

Hobbs- Day dreamingUh? Sir you are saying?

Miss Kathleen looking at both men running into the Admiralty Hall, caresses her lips with her fingers day dreaming for more of that sweetness "Later, Mr. Hobbs, I shall see you later"


THE MASQUERADE- Chapter Twenty-five: Many More to Rescue.

The Lyndsayteers are slowly getting inside the ship by climbing the anchor chain. First going up is Lady Tricia. She carefully examine the area before she makes a move inside No one in sight, she jump in then suddenly faces two men.

Tricia- D/$%m!

Fortunately for her, they have no pistols. They are running towards her with their swords At the same moment a large blast blew up right next to them killing them instantly.

Tricia- "Great!" Turn back to the others. "The road is clear ladies! Get in quick."

One after the other one the Lyndsayteers are getting inside the ship. There is already a battle going on board of "The Bobino". Horatio and Mr. Matthews are already fighting on the poop deck along with the marine guards.

Once the ladies runs trough the narrow corridor of "The Bobino" someone plea for help.

Molly- I hear someone calling for help

Gilly- Careful it could be a stratagem

Mindy- Me too, I think it comes from over there Pointing into the middle of the corridor.

Tricia- Over here Oh my god!

To their own surprise they found Miss Indigo and Captain Kennedy held into different cells

Tricia- Miss Indigo, hold on we will try to get you out of there Let' s get the keys

Indigo- At the end of the corridor, careful, there is always two guards posted over there

LizMc- No one here

Anglo- Move back, I will use the powder I have and that should do the job

Tricia- Take those blankets and cover your self with it.

Anglo- The charge will be strong enough to blow up the locks

The others take cover while Miss Anglo light the powder and run for cover

KABOOOOM! KABAAANG! Both doors blew up and the two prisoners are free.

Molly- Oh my god! What have they done to you Captain Kennedy? You are in very bad shape! Are you sure you will be able to follow us Captain?

Art- Yes I am sure! Holding his painful ribs, he makes his way towards the exit.

Indigo- I cannot contain my rage! He got beaten savagely by the Forester Party Captain They wanted to know the where about of Commodore Pellew.

Tricia- Looking at Miss Indigo bruise lips, I guess they got you too

LizMc- And of course Captain Kennedy, you did not talk.

Indigo- You could se by his sorry state, alas, they got the Commodore anyway, and Lady Joanie too!

Gilly- Where are they?

Art- When they brought me back from my interrogation, I heard that Commodore Pellew was to be brought immediately to the Captain' s cabin

Indigo- Yes, but the worse of all, is that they wanted to blow up someone But Art did not hear the name. He can't tell who it was; due to the explosion we heard coming from the quarterdeck.

Tricia- That was probably Horatiohum, Captain Hornblower' s attack who arrives just in time to rescue the Commodore.

LizMc- I am really glad that we joined the rescue party. Or we would never have suspected you were on the ship!

Indigo- We are very glad too. Indeed we are in debt towards you ladies!

Molly- Do not worry about this Miss Indigo; you are both alive and that is the most important to us!

Indigo- Thank you! But enough talking for now, we will lead you to the fastest way to go to the captain' s cabin

LizMc- We will take care of that captain

Indigo- I just want to warn you about the captain who is the maddest person I ever encounter in my entire life.

Molly- We will run him over!

Indigo- That is not a he, that is a SHE!

LizMc- What?

Gilly- Then that should be easy to do!

Miss Indigo is looking at Art Kennedy, then said: "NO! She is one mad soul coming directly from hell. Look at what she did to Art in only ten minutes

The Lyndsayteers are looking at Capt. Kennedy then at Miss Indigo, silently, then

Mindy- O.K. she is mad But we are more! We out number her We are as mad at her, even more that she dare touch one single hair over the head of Commodore Pellew and, and Here face is getting red of anger

LizMc- Oh, yes, yeees, yesAnd he will be ours

Molly- Yes, OURS! To us the Commodore

Miss Indigo and Capt. Kennedy are surprised of their willpower. But they both worry about some phrases that they mentioned earlierThey get over it while they are running towards the captain' s cabin

Miss Indigo who leads the group, arrives face to face with a group of rebels. The Lyndsayteers saw them and are quick enough to hide before they saw them. Miss Indigo look back and can't see them, so quickly she try a ruse

Bad guy- Hold on lady Who got you out of your cell?

Indigo- You should ask your guards Sir!

Bad guy- And why should I?

Indigo- They left the door unlocked, and wide open.

Bad guy- Bwhahaha, I don't think so lady! His face turning to anger, he holds his sword toward her and Capt. Kennedy, and says: "Move back towards the cell block, or I shall bring you to the Captain right away!

Indigo- With a defiant look- Ha! I am not afraid of that despot woman!

Bad guy- You should. Look what she has done to your partner Remember because she will do more damage to you after she learned that you tried to escape. She really hates it when her guests are leaving her without saying good bye. She finds that is a lack of good manners.

Miss Indigo is still backing up with Captain Kennedy, and is wondering why the Lyndsayteers has not strike yet

Bad guy- Move, faster

Then suddenly, KABOOOONNNGG! Tweety twiittt twwwitt, he his sent to dream for a while.

Gilly is holding a large stick "I hate when these guys are blabbing for nothing Good sleep, nah ah! Bwhahahaha!

Indigo- Serves him right Move him right over that room.. We shall be near by the captain' s cabin

Gilly- On our way, weeeeeee

While approaching the cabin, you could hear a sick mechiavelous laugh Venomous words coming from the captain's mouth.

Gilly- Whoa, she is a cut throat

Mindy- You are right about it

LizMc- And of course we have to get in, and the door is locked

Indigo- Well she must have been warned by her guards

Art- And all the commotion happening on the poop deck too

Molly- Oh! Look over there by the canon port, I see a jolly boat

LizMc- I see it too there is someone in it in white, it looks like OH MY GOD!

Gilly- OH NO! There is two barrel of powder on board of that boat!

Anglo- Well, thinking of powder let the pro do their job I still have enough powder to blow up that door this little bag should be enough to blow the door without hurting anyone

Molly- MY GOD! This is Lady Joanie and she is tied to the mast of the jolly boat

Indigo- AAAAAA They want to kill her!


THE MASQUERADE: Chapter Twenty-six: The Revenge of "La" Mad Frog

Commodore Pellew is roughly pushed to the floor of the Captain's cabin. Like a flash he tries to avoid a kick on his ribs, but he gets kick back by another member standing on the other side. Lady Joanie is held back by another ruffian.

He managed to concealed the shooting pain he is feeling on his rib cage He rises his dark brown eyes to face his opponent. His eyes gets larger to the view of a woman dressed in a Captain uniform; standing right in front of him with her arm crossed

She shouted orders to her men: "Attach that dog to the chair"


Commodore Pellew lifting his eyebrow observe his opponent and decided not to place a word He is lift from the ground by two ruffians; and he tries to resist them but they pinned him down to the chair like a rag doll

Bad man- The more you resist, the worse will be your punition, ya hear me! Giving him in the same time a punch in the ribs.

His legs are tied up on the chair, and his arms received the same faith. He can't move very well, and he tries to look around to prepare his future escape, saying to himself "I will get out of here"

Almost reading through his mind, the Captain of the Forester Party, which still observe him reply: "Don` t even think that you could escape my claws Commodore Pellew, you are at my mercy now! You would be back into my cabin within seconds you would have left it. My ship is very well protected, and like a miniature fort, but with better protection Bwhahahaha

Commodore Pellew does not know that woman, and he tries to communicate with her

Pellew- Captain If I may ask, what are the purpose of all this?

Rage goes through her head like a tornado, then she shouted to her men: "Get out! Drag that wench into the hold until my next orders Then wait for me at the door. Make sure that she is well tied up."

The two men reply quickly to her orders. Rushing Lady Joanie out of the cabin. A horrified look coming from her eyes, she watches in terror Commodore Pellew restrain on the chair

Then silence The cabin is very quiet; you could hear a fly Suddenly, in a burst of anger the Captain shouts at Pellew.

Captain- I am Countess Vivi DeLaForge, Captain of "The Bobino". I will seek my revenge against you Commodore Pellew. You are not more to me than a little magnet on these rice cakes. They are more valued to me than you are! She grabs a whip on the table, sip a bit of wine, then strongly hit him twice on the chest slashing his white shirt opened

Pellew respond by a small contortion on his face, but he resume silent, watching her spitting venomous words at him.

Captain- You killed the person I valued the most on this earth. During a bl$$dy sea battle you sank two corvette, but the third one surrender-pausing- You must remember do you?

Pellew is about to say something, but he is cut off rudely again

SILENCE! She said, and continue her speech: " You d$%mned b%stard, you sank "The Bobinette". His ship, and him, Capt. Marty DeLaForge went down into the dark water of the oceanHe fought valiantly and was the best of them all! I shall never, NEVER recover from his loss You shall pay as much as I did!


The guards are running into the cabin: "Yes Captain!"

Captain- Get the b&%tch in here NOW on the double

Guard- Aye aye Captain! ­The guard rush out of the cabin

Captain turning towards Pellew, with a devilish smile, split her eyes and says: "Now you will know what it is to loose a love one you shall see it from your own eyes, you will see who has the last word!"

Pellew- Tying to bring back some sense into the woman' s mind say: "Countess DeLaForge, Captain, you shall remember that the act was committed during the war I regret that many lost their life during these times. But that is why we are volunteer to serve within the Navy, until death Many times we kill men that we never met before War is war Countess"

Captain- SILENCE! Her eyes are like a shark; they show no emotions Enough of that! You won' t change my mind with your sweet talking- Looking at her guards which just arrive with Lady Joanie- Is Everything ready?

Bad guy- Aye aye Captain.

The Countess pass by the Commodore and without any reason, in another burst of anger, gave him a slap on the face Vindictive, she grabs his throat, approach her face towards his, and then whisper "Now you shall pay the ransom of your deliberated act made towards my husband with HER blood!"

Joanie- What is that al about?

Captain hissed "SHUT HER UP!"

Bad guy gets a rag and tie Lady Joanie' s mouth Then he pushed her roughly onto the ground

Captain- Bring her to the deck, and prepare her for her last assignment on this earth BWHAHAHAHAHA

Pellew- Can't we talk over this Captain?

Captain- NO! My decision is made! How dare you contradict to MY orders. ­ She spit on his face from disdain, and gave him a punch on the chin- "I will be back, I am not finish with you. I will make sure that you have the best sit on the ship" Then she pivot his chair toward the bay window of the cabin

She looks at Lady Joanie, smile, "Your turn to be serve lady" While marching out of the cabin she shouted: "Bring her out and down to the jolly boat. I want you to make sure she is tied up to the mast very tight I do not want her to escape and ruin my pleasure I want two barrels of powder next to her And I want you to lock that door after me.

( Ahem, Lyndsayteers, I would like to remind you that Pellew is still wet from that stay in the pound with Lady Joanie, and that his Pharaoh costume is embracing very well e-ve-ry parts of his Ho so Manly nice bodyHum, humNow I may continue)

Commodore Pellew is trying deliberately to escape from his uncomfortable position He is trying to wiggle his hip to get out of the chair and to try to loosen his restraint, but without any chance

Meanwhile, Lady Joanie is brought about 30 feet from the ship. She is left alone, attached to the mast of the jolly boat. Looking with horror the men rowing towards "The Bobino" leaving her with two explosives barrels standing on each side next to her.

Saying to herself: "Oh my god, for once I do find a good man, that I share the same interest with, and that together we make so much sparkle and, and I have to be blown up into multiple pieces because of a mad woman gripped by anger! That is not a way to go Either make it quick or send us some help I can't even screamed That rag GRRRR No, no,no! I am thinking positive about this I will be saved, and so will be my love!"

Captain DeLaForge prepares herself for her special firework When suddenly Captain Hornblower and his crew boarded the ship.

"All hands to the arms, we are attacked!"

Her men protected her so she could run for cover while her crew fights against their attackers

Horatio is going down the rigging of the ship, kick an opponent off the ship, and into the cold water They are everywhere, the ruffians were took by surprise. They were not ready for an attack. The marines fight like they are kings of the vessel

Captain DeLaForge is running down to her cabin, but she had to retaliate to the room just next to hers. She was facing too many marines at the same time. She barricade herself into the room, and try to finish her first vengeance"That wench will be food for the fish I swear she will"

With the help of a chair she breaks the large window in front of her. Then she prepare herself She puts her crossbow on the table and ignites an arrow. She is now aiming at Lady Joanie`s jolly boat With a devilish laugh she send the arrow Surprised, and disappointed the arrow changed direction and land into the sea Suddenly an explosion is heard onto the deck sending into the air, thousands of little pieces in fire above the sea

Lady Joanie is horrified to see these pieces of fire coming towards her. She can't blow them off because she still has the rag over her mouth She hears a voice coming from the dark she recognized that voice, it is familiar "Hummpt,,"

Archie- Do not worry Lady Joanie, I am getting you out of this situationHe swim from another boat near by "The Bobino"


THE MASQUERADE-Chapter Twenty-seven: A Red Frog, Mad as ever.

Archie jumps quickly into Lady Joanie boat just in time to water down the embers which has fallen aboard. Quickly he prepared his bowstring, set an arrow and aimed it towards the mad Captain that he had located from the boardroom of "The Bobino".

Captain DeLaForge is furious because she just sees who had the guts to counter attack her strike. "Well, well, fine, I will prepare for two to blow up Bwhahahaha They won't get me, those b%$tard will go to hell, both of them, I swear it"

She could see that flames are raging over the deck. The night is illuminated by an orange glow reflecting into the water. The battle still rage and that make her plenty of time to seek vengeance. While she prepare to light up another arrow, she suddenly fell on her knees A sharp pain coming from her right shoulder makes her drop her crossbow Her breathing become heavier as her head gets heavier

Meanwhile, the Lyndsayteers are approaching the Captain's cabin. The door is locked and Gilly has set up a small pouch of powder over the locked door. She set the cotton rope on fire then run for cover.

KABOOOOOM There is none left from the door handle, nothing but a large hole

Commodore Pellew hearing all the commotion outside the door is still trying to free himself from his restraint. He is bouncing up and down with the chair, trying to tip it over. There is a glass of wine on the table, if he breaks it, he might be able to cut off the rope around his hands. Bang, bang, bang he is moving towards the table and try to hurry.

Suddenly the door slammed open, he turns is head towards the entrance. His dark brown eyes stared at a woman dressed like a cat, followed by other ladies dressed in different costume. The first one to arrive is Gilly. She stopped frozen to the view of the Commodore, and then she is pushed from the back by Molly.

Molly- Common Gilly, move over, what stopped you?

Then LizMc try to bounce her way in between both of them, as she also froze at what she sees

Amused Miss Indigo and Capt. Kennedy are watching them piling up on top of each others.

Hey! Move over exclaimed Mindy, pinching Molly's butts

Molly- OUCH! What was that for?

Mindy- Hey you are not alone here, I want to see what's going on herePinching Molly twice so she could get a better view

Molly- AIE! OUCH! Stop this, I am moving

Mindy- Oh! My God!

Anglo hearing all those comments cannot get into the door because it is completely blocked by her friends. "Common girls, be nice, we are in here for every one, I want to see too!" Her question is followed by silence. "Fine I will try to get around!" But she can't do it. Finally she sees an opening on the floor. With disdain she lay on the wet ground, and crawled into her friends drooling. Her mouth cracked open as she floats through the thick liquid.

To their joy, the man is sitting tied up to a chair. His knees are slightly apart, showing the soft brown curly hair of his bear legs, which are tied up to the legs of the chair. His nice costume, or what is left of, is falling into pieces on his chest, leaving to view the marks left by the early wiping he had received by the mad Captain. There is nothing left from his mask by the exception of a small scratch on his cheek.

The Lyndsayteers stood rigidly to the view of their Commodore in such of state. Foam forming at the corner of their mouth, starring at him like a lion on a piece of raw meat.

Pellew is speechless, his lips are partly open, and he does not know what to say or what to do. But he does recognize a few of the ladies he has met in the garden earlier. He knows he would be safe with them, but he has a scary sensation telling him that their behavior was a little awkward. He realized he was at their mercy and into an embarrassing position, he could not move from his chairHe can't escape!

"Please ladies, stop starring at me like this! Untied me! Lady Joanie is in terrible danger."

Mindy makes the first move. " Girls! Lets deliver the Commodore before that mad Captain comes back!"

Molly using her sleeve to wipe the drool off her chin, "Well, I like to give him a kiss before we release him"

What about me exclaimed Gilly, I agree with you, I want my kiss too!

Me too said LizMc, I want it too!

Anglo still glued onto the floor, with a squishing and squashing sound tries to unglue herself off the floor. Arrrrrgggg ME TOO! Wait for me Once she tries to get up, someone walks over her back and tossed her back to the sticky liquid. "Aye, careful Gilly, I am down here remember?"

Oups, sorry Anglo, answer Gilly with a loud giggle.

Commodore Pellew doesn't know why, but he feels more stress about that invasion of his body than when he had to fight three corvettes from the past. While the ladies are discussing his faith, he tries in vein to wiggle is way free from the chair without success.

Suddenly they approach him, as he could feel on his neck a warm breath, then a whisper in his ear "You know Sir that we would never hurt you, said Gilly, you are our hero! And the only way for us to prove it"

LizMc- "And to share our deepest admiration is"

Molly- "to show you the love we all share for you!"

Pellew- Then you will free me from my restraints, smiling without the confidence that they will do it

Gilly- Of course we will!

Pellew release a deep breath, "About time ladies, please hurry"

Anglo watching every thing from the floor, added: "Yes Sir BUT right after we all kiss you!"

LizMc- Oh! Yes!

Astounded to hear such remarks, his mouth opened, then Gilly took advantage of the situation and kiss him The poor Edward cannot defend himself, then another one approach, he beg for mercy, "lady, please, I am attahummmmpt" as he could not finish his phrase, he gets another kiss coming from Molly. Not that he hates being kissed, but his honor of being loyal to his love takes a shot at onceBut hey, that is not his fault He start liking the attention he gets from the ladiesHe is stunned of their will power Then LizMc makes another approach, she started at the base of his neck, while Mindy goes around and start licking his earlobeCrawling from the ground Anglo find the way to unstuck herself from the floor by nibbling her way up on Pellew's left leg all the way to his knee

Miss Indigo and Capt. Kennedy accompanied with Lady Tricia look at each other and couldn't believe their eyes They are still guarding the entrance of the cabin and decided to do something

Art- Enough ladies, free the man! Please!

Indigo- Right, we need him to help save Lady Joanie Remember her?

Art- She is also your friend, don't do that to her

Indigo- Hurry I hear steps coming towards us!

Anglo does not want to let go of Pellew's leg, she his holding on very tight. Mindy looks into his brown bullets and fell unconscious on the ground Molly slowly caress his body with her both hands making her way slowly down his back Edward swallow his saliva once his eyes are caught wandering into such curves of her dandling into his face He said to himself I am in heaven Then he feels that his arms are loose, then his legs, well almost, because Anglo does not want to let go

Standing up Pellew shouted hurry up Joanie is in danger!

Indigo horrified looks at the window and sees an arrow set in fire fleeing from the boardroom next to them. "Oh no hurry, we have to stop that Captain before she tries again!"

Art- Look, Ladie Joanie is tied to that boat!

Pellew- Tripped down to the floor, as he try to see what is going on, and rolled over Anglo, leaving his assets up into the air; a deep growl emerging from his mouth

The Lyndsayteers are in shock again to see such magnificent view. Anglo is almost unconscious to have the man over her like this, but he is quickly back on his legs with the help of Capt. Kennedy. He runs quickly to the next room and tried to open it without success. His ribs remind him the early beating he had. Now they are four trying to break the door open with a large beam, while the Lyndsayteers are fighting the bad guys coming over their ways.

DeLAForge- Ha ha, fry little witchaiming very carefully the barrel of powder right next to Lady Joanie. Then the Commodore will be MY TOY! Bwhahahahaha And once I am finish with him, I will discard him like garbage Bwhahahahaha

She is about to fire her crossbow and she suddenly feels that sharp pain again. It is becoming unbearable. Her breathing is getting heavier, and the pain is like thousands of razor blade cutting in once. Her crossbow falls onto the floor In screams of pain she fell on her knees and shouted that d$mm Kennedy

Archie- It's a direct hit Lady Joanie, I got that man right on his shoulder. As he takes the rag off Joanie' s mouth.

Thank you Lieutenant Kennedy, I owe you big! But that person you hit with your arrow is a SHE.

Archie- She is evilGeese these rope are tight

Joanie- Hurry up, the Commodore is tied up into the Captain's cabin

Archie- I am trying, but I probably lost my dagger when I jump into the water to swim over your boat. From a reassuring voice, do not worry Lady Joanie, we will rescue him. Horatio has probably liberated him by now.

Captain DeLaForge looks at her shoulder and see where the hit came from. Fury hit her again; she does not feel the pain anymore She spitted furiously Kennedy I will have your skin once and for all

At the same time, Pellew and his saviors succeeded in breaking the boardroom door, crashing into the ground Captain DeLaForge is attack by Pellew as he tries to grab her from the back, she pivot quickly and swing her leg into the air hitting him with her foot right into the jaw. He falls back into the ground, pain written on his face; then he grabs his ribs in pain The others follow the same faith as she hit them all, while making her way out to the poop deck. She swings over a rail and landed over the lower deck, adrenaline rushing through her veins, she does not feel the pain anymore, she is like a tracked animal.

Commodore Pellew and Captain Kennedy cannot follow her. Miss Indigo is fighting with the Lyndsayteers to get rid off the bad guys who are attacking them from the back, to defend their Captain.

Captain DeLaForge has stopped with a few of her men near a canon. She prepare it to aim at Joanie' s boat

As Archie is still trying to finish to cut the rope off Joanie body, he knows he has not much time left He sees that mad Captain again, and this time she is loading up a canon

Joanie watch in horror as the enemy is getting ready to fire, hurry Archie, hurry

Archie- I am trying with an arrow end, that is all I have

Joanie-They are running her up Ho my gawd, Archie save yourself! Jump into the water when you still have the time to do so!

Archie- NO! I am not leaving without you

Back on the ship the battle rage, the bad guys are still protecting their Captain, while she is getting ready to fire...

The wick is damp and the fire dies

DeLaForge- What was that? D#$m, get me a dry wick, hurry.

As one of her man runs to get another wick, Horatio came running from the back, and jump right in front of her. Surrender Captain DeLaForge!

DeLaForge- NEVER! Autant mourir que de me rendre à vous! From the left hand she withdraws her sword and swings it towards Horatio, who had just enough time to dodge from the blade. The woman weakened by the loss of blood, looses balance and fall over board


Horatio runs to see where she landed, but she is nowhere to be seen.

Archie finally free Lady Joanie from her restraint and help her to get on the other boat. Quick Lady we have to get away from this inferno.

Joanie- Still watching "The Bobino", look Archie, the Captain fell over board! I can't see her any more

The rhythm sounds of the tambour are heard from the ship. They surrender Archie!

Archie standing up on, yes we finally won over them! But for safety, we still have to leave

On the sly, a wounded bad guy rises from the floor and light up the new installed wick


Archie- Get down Joanie!

Joanie- Ho my god just as pieces of wood from the boat they have just left fly over her head

Archie- There! Pointing at the open port As he grabs Joanie's hand, JUMP!


Horatio is flabbergasted, and finishes the dying bad guy To late to save his friend.

Miss Indigo who saw everything happened is shaken by the events Ho my god! It was Joanie and Archie boat!

As Pellew watch in terror the view of the burning boats, or what is left of them His eyes say it all, but he does not want to give up that easily. "Impossible! Kennedy was with her"

Art- Commodore

Pellew- No, she is not dead! Send a boat for them, they are somewhere they have to!

Art- Matthews, send two boats for the rescue, hurry!

Matthews- Aye, aye Captain.

Pellew stairs at the dark water, he could only see burning debrisStanding quietly on deck as he pace every inch while another crew is fighting to extinguish the fire on the upper deck of "The Bobino".

Miss Indigo looks at Lady Tricia, what will we say to Miss Loulou?

Tricia- Don't give up hope Indigo, I am sure that they are out there too! They will be found alive; I have that gut feeling, don't you Commodore?

Pellew is speechless, and does not seem to have heard Lady Tricia question.

The bad guys are now locked into the hold. The night has come back silent The clouds are starting to move away, blown by a mild wind, and the moon is showing her soft rays of light...

Pellew quickly moved to the side of the deck "Yes, that's it, could you hear them?"

Art- Listening carefully, no Commodore, hear what?

Pellew- SILENCE! You could hear a pin drop on the deck, every one stood still, holding their breath A faint ahoy could be heard from starboard"You hear now?"

Art- Yes Sir!

Indigo- Archie!

Tricia- Joanie!

Pellew shut is eyes in sign of relief then yelled STARBOARD! Get the search boat on starboard!

Mathews is very happy to see Lt. Kennedy and Lady Joanie alive. As he pick them up he said to Archie, you have nine live Lieutenant!

Archie- I agree Matthews, nice to see you again!

Joanie- Cough, cough, I would say the same for myself, cough, coughthen vomit water

Archie tapping on Joanie's shoulder, are you all right?

Joanie- Yes, I am, just have too much water in one night

Archie- You want to join the Navy Lady Joanie?

Joanie- Laughing loudly, you are crazy Lt. Kennedy! I think I will pass that offercough, cough

Once they boarded "The Bobino" Lady Joanie is reunited with the love of her life. Archie is getting up from the bench when suddenly he hear a vicious scream coming from one of the lower canon port


Violently an arrow hit Archie into the chest near his heart. With the impact he falls back on the bench. Lady Joanie looks in shock of what just happened, as Matthews screamed NOOOOOOOOOOO as he watch Archie inert body. He looks at Pellew and shouted, I'll get him right away to Dr. ClivesThen he start rowing faster towards the Admiralty dock. Talking to Archie, you will be all right my friend, hang on there son, we are almost there

A devilish laugh is heard again BWHAHAHAHAHA got ya devil

Horatio' s heart is broken to see his friend leaving that way while running with a few men towards the guts of the ship, saying to himself, she won't get away this time, I swear it, she won't He grabs a rope and swing over board, then landed next to an open port Whit the help of his sword he place his hat on it then proceed to shoe the hat into the opening of the portAs he bring it back, he has an arrow stick into his hat"Ouff, I was right to be prudent" Then again, he proceed the same way to the other open port but this time there nothing happenedHe carefully get into the port door, and gets into the ship. Slowly he raises from the ground, but dive back onto the floor once an arrow missed his shoulder.

Horatio- Show your self Captain!

Captain- Why little boy, you do not like my game? I am very amused now that I got your devil friend You will be next!

Horatio- That is what you are thinking trying to reassure himself that what he saw was not true "He is not dead!"

Captain- BWHAHAHA, yes he is, I never missed a shot, and I believe that I went to his heart Hahahaha, if he has one! But that was no fun to kill him, I will enjoy killing you

Horatio- I am asking you to surrender

Captain- NEVER! Mieux vaut mourir que de me rendre!

Horatio- That is French!

Captain- Oui, Monsieur! And I got one lobster tonight, and you are the next one to be boiled She rolled down next to him and she is about to strike her sword, but her eyes got darker, loosing their light, she fell on her knees, then on the ground she land a dagger on her back

Horatio look up and Lady Tricia stood up with a vindictive look into her eyes. As he is stunned by her reaction, he is brought back to reality by her demanding kiss. He answer back, by he is filled with emotion Tricia knows what bothering him, he is worry about Archie, she grabs his hand and pulls him out. "Let go back on the deck Horatio."

Chapter Twenty-eight: Calling Dr. Clive

Back at the Admiralty House, Miss Wendy is attending very carefully to Lt. Wellard. Dr. Clive is sewing stitches on his back.

Clive- Keep an eye on him while I take care of his stitches

Wendy- I will Dr. Clive. She looks at Wellard' s pale face covered by his sweet freckle. She would like to play with them right now, and started to get closer to his face

Clive- What are you doing Miss Wendy? I must remind you that you have to keep an eye on him, not lay your entire body over him, I can't work over here! Hold his head if you may so, and keep it steady!

Wendy- thehe sorry Dr. Clive, I was just checking if he was still breathing (A bit embarrassed of the situation.)

Clive- He is! But what is all that commotion all about?

Wendy- Oh I hear that there is someone rowing very fast from that ship anchored at the end of the bay Do you want me to check it out for you?

Clive- No, there will be someone who will inform me if I am needed, before they do so, it have time to finish with Lt. Wellard here. Common, hold him straight!

Wendy- Hey it's not my fault if he keep moving.

Clive- Here, I am almost finished, forty-five stitches, not bad!

Wendy- Not bad? That's awful!

Clive- I have done more than that in the past!

Wendy- Yuck.

Clive- Now, keep an eye on him while I check what is happening at the dock. It seems that they have brought an urgent casualty to be taking care of. Send for help if you need me.

Wendy- Will he be all right?

Clive- Of course he will. Just make sure that he stays on his belly.

Wendy- I will, and I am glad to hear that he will be all right!

Clive- He was very lucky, and he is young, so he will recover very quickly. I have seen worse case in the past Lt. Bush was one of them and he is fine now.

Wendy- I can't express how much I appreciate your help Dr. Clive.

Clive- That's my job. Just makes sure to stay with him, and if he moves, keep him down. Here's some laudanum to ease his pain. I've got to go they are calling me.

Wendy- See you later.

Lt. Wellard started to regain consciousness. He growls of pain when he tries to move. His face has regain color. His back is burning like hell, but once he tries to move someone is preventing that movement to happen.

Henry, it's me Miss Wendy, please don't move.

As he tries to open his eyes, he smiles, but so weak, he can't keep his eyes open.

Wendy- Do not worry, you are safe here. You got injured during the fight but you will be all right, it's just a scratch that's what Dr. Clive told me

His eyes open widely to the sound of Dr. Clive' s name. He tries to move again but Miss Wendy is holding him down.

Wendy- I said don't move! Or I shall tie you down on the bench and, if I have to do it, I'll sit on you!

Wellard is smiling widely at that idea y yes

Wendy- What? I can't hear you?

Wellard- I I am. Not f Finish.

Wendy- I can barely hear you, you'll do fine, here, I have some laudanum for you.

Wellard- m mor more

Wendy- Keep your energy for later. Here, take another sip of laudanum it will ease your pain

He could feel her warm breath near his face. Her hand is still holding his neck. As she gently lifts his head on the side so he can take a sip of the liquid. His dark brown eyes are fixing her every movement; he grabs her hand while she gave him the liquid. He takes a chance and quickly kissed her on the lips.

Wellard- Thank you Miss Wendy you are so kind.

Wendy is blushing, but does not react at his advance.

Wendy- I can see that you still have some energy. That's good, now you must rest. I will stay with you.

Suddenly, Wellard`s body is making convulsion so strong that he fall off the bench Miss Wendy tries to ease his fall by holding him in her arms. But he is a little too heavy for her small stature and he end up over her on the ground. She feels his naked chest on her arms, giving her goose bump trough out her entire body.

Miss Loulou arrives at the same moment. "Are you all right Miss Wendy?"

Wendy- Y Yes I am, but Henry Hu, Lt. Wellard has fallen off the bench.

Loulou- I can see that! What happened?

Wendy- He had a convulsion.

Loulou- Perhaps I should warned Dr. Clive about it? I will help you to take him back onto the bench.

Wendy- Thank you Loulou. Together we shall be able to do it.

Loulou looks at Wellard again but see that his eyes are wide open and he smile and winked at her. She understands his silent request and smile back at him.

Loulou- Uh, Miss Wendy, may be we should leave him right there in case he falls again. I will get Dr. Clive.

Wendy- I will stay right next to him.

Wellard looks at Miss Loulou raising his hand with a thumb up while Miss Wendy is looking at Loulou. He his very satisfied at Miss Loulou, and very happy that Wendy is gently rubbing the back of his neck.

Meanwhile, Dr. Clive arrive near the dock. Matthews has a worried look on his face. Then he looks at the injured casualty in the boat and his jaw drop down.

Clive- OH my god, It`s Lt. Kennedy!

Matthews is weeping beside Archie, he lift his head to see the next person who arrives near Dr. Clive, it`s Miss Loulou. She pushed the doctor away and jump right into the boat screaming"No, noooooo, not Archie! Wake up" She shake his body and a growl came from his mouth "Dr. Clive he is still breathing, hurry!" As Archie moved a little Miss Loulou gets a closer look at him and tries to talks to him. Dr. Clive is trying to push her away but with no result.

Once she touches his strong chest, she felt that his shirt is not damp of bloodIt is stained but not damped

Loulou- Oh my god! Matthews, Dr. Clive

Both answer WHAT?

Loulou- He is all right, Archie is all right!

Clive- Push over woman, let me do my job!

Matthews in shock, "What do you mean Miss Loulou?"

Loulou- I will show you in a moment. Giving an elbow hit to Dr. Clive, she pushed him aside. She sits down and gently hold Archie`s head in her hands, then rest it on her thigh. She opened his frilly shirt and to the shock of both men, she withdraws the arrow from his chest.

Loulou- Look! Smiling from her discovery. The arrow has landed into that green velvet trinket box located inside his pocket, it saved his life! And my hands are covered with his blood coming from the back of his head. He probably falls and hit his head when he received the hit from the arrow.

Clive- Then let me check that bump Miss Loulou.

Loulou- Of course Dr. Clive, be my guest.

She is rather shaky at this moment, even feeling sick in the stomach, but so relieved that Archie is doing fine. Tears of joy are rolling down her cheek. While Dr. Clive is examining Archie's head, she gently tap his cheek to wake him up, kissing him on the lips, on the cheek, then again on the lips "Archie, it's Loulou wake up"

Clive- Nothing is broken, we' ll put ice on the bump and by tomorrow it will be gone. I advise you to stay with him while he recovers, and to inform me of any drastic change. But he is not in any danger, just that he might wake up with a big headache.

Loulou- Dr. Clive, thank you, and forgive my earlier rudeness to you.

Clive- That's all right Loulou, I know your feeling for him. You took good care of him in the past you will do well.

Loulou blushing- I would not have done it without your help Dr. Cive. Medicine is not for women in this era, perhaps in the future there will be some.

Clive- BWHAHAHA Miss Loulou, you always make me laugh, I doubt that there will be women performing a man's job, especially not doctor!

Loulou- You never know what the future awaits Dr. Clive! I believe that it could happen!

Clive- Dream if you may, but I have to go back to my duty. Mr. Matthews, you could help Miss Loulou with Lt. Kennedy?

Matthews- I will Dr. Clive.

Clive- Fine, then I will go back to my injured fellows.

Loulou- See you later Dr. Clive.

Clive- I will check with Lt. Kennedy later.

Loulou- Fine! Let' s go Matthews.

Matthews- Now that the marines have arrested the Forester Party men, we will be able to restore the place.

Loulou- Yes, but what a mess they have done! Poor Miss Capital she will remember that birthday party for years to come!

Matthews- You sure bet! Common Lt. Kennedy, grab my shoulder

Loulou- And mine, sweetie

Archie is growling and mumbling incoherent words at that moment.

Loulou- We can' t understand any words you are saying, just let us bring you to a comfortable place.


THE MASQUERADE- Chapter Twenty-nine: Row You Beauties!

Anglo- It is not fair that Joanie gets all the attention of the Commodore to her self.

Mindy- You are right Anglo, but he seems to love her very much.

Anglo- What about our feeling for him?

Molly- Right, what about us?

LizMc- His true Lyndsayteers who are willing to do anything for him, even die to save his life, and also take care of him!

Gilly- We better be doing something about it ladies because the man has already left this ship with her at this moment.

Anglo- Impossible! He told me that he was leaving with us!

Gilly- Anglo, I am pointing at you the direction that our two lovebird took. Don't you see that little boat over there?

Anglo- D**m they left without us!

LizMc- Quick, there is another boat over there, lets get into action.

Molly- To us the Commodore!

While Lady Joanie and Commodore Pellew have escaped the devoted attention of their saviors, they are rowing towards the Admiralty dock. The Lyndsayteers did not take long to board another boat after finding out that they have left "The Bobino" without them. In their haste to get into that last boat, the Lyndsayteers runs over Horatio and Tricia leaving them behind.

LizMc- Sorry guys, it's an emergency; we will send you a few more boat.

Molly- And I was just warming up in that cabin.

Mindy- Me too, but it won't take long to reach them.

Anglo- What are you waiting for, stop idling, and row! They have taken a lot of distance ahead of us.

LizMc- Yes but we are more to row, and we will get to them faster than they could row.

Gilly- Stop babbling and ROW!

Mindy- Aren't we a little impatient Miss Gilly?

LizMc- Lets row equally. On the count of one ROW, row, row, row, that's it, we are doing very fine, row, row, row

Molly- That' s it keeps the rhythm, and we will reach them easily!

Joanie- Eddy, look, I think that they follow us.

Pellew- Row faster my love, keep that steady pace!

Joanie- I am trying but they out number us!

The Lyndsayteers are approaching them in a cruising speed, as Joanie and Pellew are trying their best to get away from them.

Joanie- Why are they after us like that?

Pellew- I am a little embarrassed to tell you Joanie, but they are after me

Joanie- WHAT! Why are they after you? What have you done to them?

Pellew- Nothing, honey, but, hum well they abused me while I was attached to that chair and, uh, please I'll explain later, but we need to row faster

Joanie- Abuse by those women! What is that mark on your neck?

Pellew- Please don't stop rowing!

Joanie- Well, I need some explanation NOW, and I am NOT rowing until you explain me what you have done with them!

Pellew- My love, they are approaching very fast, please row, and I will tell you every thing you need to know

Joanie can't resist his chocolate eyes melting into hers; she is perplex but starts rowing again. "You better not lie to me Edward!"

Pellew- You know I won't sweetie. Smiling the best he can.

Joanie- Don't sweetie me unless you mean it!

Pellew just looks at her, and continue rowing faster to escape the Lyndsayteers who are gaining advance on them.

Back in the Lyndsayteers boat. Pearls of sweat are forming on every heads on board. The rhythm of the rowing is becoming intense as the sight of the Commodore's boat is getting closer. But it seems that Edward and Joanie are rowing even faster.

Gilly- Look, they see us! Ahoy! But what are they doing?

Molly- D**m they row faster than all of us together.

Anglo- Common girls, stop blabbing, and concentrate into your movement.

LizMc- I can see that Joanie is tossing stuff over board.

Mindy- They want to get lighter, oh my! They really try to escape us!

Gilly- That's right

Grinding their teeth, the Lyndsayteers pull the oars harder and faster, each stroke is getting them closer to their target.

LizMc- I swear that I will tied up Joanie myself when we will reach them! She supposed to be one of ours!

Gilly- I told you that it was not a good idea to send her alone with the Commodore.

Mindy- You were right about it Gilly, but we can't change any thing now! She passed too much time in his company.

Molly- She got more than comfortable with him and forgot about her first assignment with us!

LizMc- Look, we are getting very close to them.

Molly screams: " AHOY! What are you doing on that boat alone? We are here to help you!"

Joanie- Don' t listen to them Eddy, row, faster!

Pellew- I know, that's what I am doing right now, anything else that we can tossed over board?

Joanie- No, I threw everything I could, that's it Eddy.

Pellew- Oh god! I do not like that small distance in between them and our boat.

Joanie- I got an idea Eddy!

Pellew- Shout it! At this point any ideas are good!

Joanie- We have extra oars, why don't we use two on each side for rowing? That would help us to gain speed!

Pellew- Great idea Joanie; quick gives me those two

Joanie- I have some rope to attach them together.

Pellew- No time to do that.

Joanie- Here's the oars.

Pellew- It works Joanie, we are going faster.

Joanie- All right, I'll have mine prepare.

Pellew- On the count of three start rowing

Joanie- I am ready

Pellew- One, two, three Roooow

Joanie- Weeeeeeee, it works!

Pellew- BWHAHAHA, I can see their faces!

Gilly- Oh! Look Molly what they are doing!

Molly- I can't but are we getting any closer?

Gilly- I fear not! They got a double rowing going on now!

LizMc- What are you talking about?

Gilly- Forget about it row faster now, row ,row, row

Molly- My hands are wet and slipping on the oar, and I am getting tired.

Anglo- Me to! My arms are killing me!

Gilly- I am sore to, but we shall persevere! They must be getting as tired as we are!

LizMc- You' re right about this one!

Molly- I am all sweaty, yurk, I can't go on like this forever!

Without paying attention of where they are going, Edward and Joanie are smiling at the distance they have gained since they added their extra oars. But suddenly their victory turns to chaos! Their boat hit a rock; the impact propelled Joanie into the air towards Edward. Then she falls headfirst at the bottom of the boat showing her assets.

Pellew- We are aground! D***it!

Joanie is slowly recovering from her fall, and a little disoriented, grabs Edward's leg as she tries to get back on her seat. She received a hit on the back of her head and that sends her back onto the bottom again. The hit is followed by a sudden bang on their boat. The Lyndsayteers had collided with their boat.

Anglo- Oups, sorry Joanie, I did not mean this to happen.

Molly- Ya, right Anglo!

LizMc- Give me the honor Anglo, I have some rope here to tie her up.

Mindy- Oh, dear Commodore, you naughty boy, you wanted to escape us?

Pellew- Hesitate, "Hu, n no, we tough that it was another group from the forester party who was after us.

Molly- Commodore Pellew! You surprise me, but you are not a great liar, aren't you?

Poor Pellew, he looks down then at what they have done to Joanie. Tied up again like a sausage.

Pellew- Please don't harm her, I'll do anything, but don't hurt her.

LizMc- We won't Commodore, because she is supposed to be one of our!

Gilly- And she kind of disobey our orders.

Pellew- Which orders? I am stunned from your remarks Madam! I don't believe any words you are saying.

Anglo- Those orders were from the Lyndsayteers, us!

Molly- Don't be afraid of us, come into our boat before yours sink!

Mindy- We will take very good care of you!

Pellew- That is what I am afraid! Which kind of ladies are you?

Gilly- The good kind Commodore! You won't be deceived!

Pellew- You are taking me as your hostage?

Under his accusation, laugh surrounds the small boat.

Anglo- Oh no Commodore you are our guest!

Gilly- Yes, our guests, and you will see that we are very good hostesses too!

Pellew- Still scans the horizon in hopes that Horatio, Bush or Kennedy has seen what happened. He has just finish the battle with the Forester Party and he has to do another one, well, he tries to escape from their love. Chills runs through his spine when he sees so many women watching him. And that poor Joanie, still unconscious.

Molly- Here's Commodore, let me cover you with this blanket. It is very cold tonight, we don't want you to catch a cold.

Anglo- "Thank you Molly, I'll give it to the Commodore. " She swapped the blanket from Molly's hands, and sit right next to him. She carefully put the blanket on his shoulder, while one of her hand is landing slowly on his thigh.


Anglo- OUCH! What was that for?

Gilly- I saw what you did. Leave the Commodore alone for now!

Molly- You both stop it! Move over here Anglo, I will sit next to the Commodore! It is your turn to row anyway! Move on!

While Molly is moving towards him, Gilly give a smart look at Anglo who stick her tongue out to her and gave her a slight punch with her elbow.


Mindy- Once we arrive at destination we will talk about it!

LizMc- Fine with me! Since I have not done anything, I will be the first serve!

Molly- Don't you start anything LizMc.


THE MASQUERADE- Chapter Thirty: Busy Room

The Lyndsayteers had installed the Commodore in a room on the second floor of the Admiralty House. While LizMc is taking the first watch, the others retrieved them self in another room beside, to recuperate their energy.

Madam Minsky and Admiral Aberfoyle are coming up the stairs quietly looking for a nest

Suddenly, before LizMc is able to do anything with Pellew, the door whacked open on her, knocking her unconscious behind the door. Minsky and Aberfoyle entered the room

I think this place will be a good one my love, the bed is very comfortable and

Minsky reply- I don't think so!

Aberfoyle- Why not my honeybee? My sweet little bumblebee?

Minsky- I don't play that game You did not tell me that we would have a guest.

A guest? Reply Aberfoyle, What do you mean?

Minsky- It's evident dear! Commodore Pellew has his both arms attached at the railing of the bed.

Aberfoyle- WHAT? Dear lord, I am sorry Edward! Sorry to importunate you in such rude manners.

Pellew- Oh no you don't, GET ME OUT OF HERE!

Aberfoyle- No, no Edward, that's all right we will get another room, where is your lovely lady?

A growl is coming out from the back of the door; LizMc is regaining slowly her senses.

Minsky- Oups, did we hit some one on our way in? Poor Lady Joanie!

Aberfoyle- I do believe that we did Sorry Edward, pay our deepest regrets to Lady Joanie

Pellew- NO! LISTEN TO ME! Get me out of those restraints!

Aberfoyle- I know Edward that you are a little embarrassed at this moment, do not worry, we will leave the room right away, and we won't talk.

Pellew- I am begging you!

Aberfoyle- BWHAHAHAHA you will beg for more later, just relax and you'll be fine Edward.- He wink at him-

Pellew is getting impatient, turning into a purple shade of red- LET ME OUT!

Minsky- We better leave honey, bye Commodore Pellew, we will leave you the chance to get back with Joanie

Pellew- That is NOT Joanie, untied me please!

Aberfoyle- NOT Joanie! I don't want to hear about it.

Minsky- Oh no! Poor Joanie! Let's leave right now! Edward you have no class at all. Poor Joanie, what would happen if she hear about that?

Aberfoyle- Please leave my honeybee, we have seen nothing here.

Minsky- You are right my hubba hubba love, let's find a better place.

As they crossed Anglo in the corridor, they decided to leave the building and go to the pavilion in the garden.

Anglo is puzzled, but entered the room to find the Commodore lying on his back, attached on the bed. The door does not open completely, as LizMc is still unconscious behind the door.

Anglo- YOWZA Edward! You surprise me! Where is LizMc?

Pellew- Rolling his eyes- If I am not your prisoner, you will set me free from those restraints.

Anglo- Oh, Eddy, silk restraint are made for love my dear. At first you might be frighten a little, but you will enjoy the full pleasure that it will provide you my dear!

Pellew- Pleasure! There is no pleasure of being abuse Madam!

Anglo- Abuse! Bwhahahaha, common, all we want is your full satisfaction. You need to relax a little. Give me a moment and I will come back with oil. You seem to be stressing out a little.

Pellew- I want no oil, I want my liberty d**it!

Anglo- mmmm perhaps a good sip of Rum will help you too I'll be back.

Pellew is left on the bed thinking of what he should do next. May be if I cooperate until she takes these restraints off me, then I will tie her back to the bed, and, be free Poor Joanie, I will be able to get her out of that trouble we are in.

LizMc finally regain her full consciousness, she had missed what happened earlier. She is determined to get Pellew. While she rubbed her sore nose, she is walking towards him, and then her nose starts bleeding "Oh no! I'm bleeding"

Edward is watching her, his heart soften to the view of her blood.-saying to him self-"What! I am not supposed to care about her, she kidnapped me with the others, get that idea off your mind, but poor her, she seems a very fine woman"

LizMc- I am sorry Edward, but, I have to get a towel I am bleeding too much

Pellew- I can help you, but take off the restraint

LizMc is about to do it then stopped. "Is that a trick to escape Monsieur? It won't work, no; I am not doing it! I will wait for the other to come back



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