The Masquerade
by Caloulou

Chapters 31-36

All of this story started with Archie, Miss Indigo, *Incognito* and Miss Loulou. That led me to write this Fan Fic. Hope you will enjoy, it is my first time writing a long text in English, hope I won' t do too many mistakes and, if I do - I am sorry. Enjoy!

THE MASQUERADE-Chapter Thirty-one : Joanie`s Secret.

Archie- Oh brother,I can stay in the same room as Miss Loulou. You know that I am an honorable man. I want to stay with her and that is my final word!

Art- I don`t trust you Archie, you had a sever bump on the head, what if

Archie- Art! I am stopping you right now! I am no such man!

Art- Hey, who`s there?

Archie- What?

Art- Have you not heard Archie?

Archie- No?

Art- Listen Who`s there? Answer!

Archie- It sound like a muffled voice

Art- Yes, but where does it come from?

Archie- Over there, from this room.

Art- Really.

Archie- Ah, stop looking at me like this. Of course it's coming from this room. But where? There is not much to look into that room than the bed in the middle and that armoire.

Art- Let's see in that armoire then.

Archie- Careful, in case there are some miscreants hiding in it.

Art- Yes little brother.

Taking the poker from the fire place, he slowly walks towards the white armoire. He steps aside then slowly slide the handle down with the help of the poker, keeping a safe distance The door queaked opened and a body rolled out from it.

Dear god exclaimed Archie, that's Lady Joanie!

Art- What a surprise to see you in such a position Lady Joanie.

Archie- ART! That's not a laughing matter, help her out for crying out loud!

Miss Indigo stepped into the room with Miss Loulou and saw Lady Joanie tied up like a sausage, a cloth covering her mouth.

Indigo- Dear god! What have you done to her?

Art- Oh no! Not us darling!

Archie- We can explain.

Loulou- Better have an explanation gentlemen.

Art- First, I will take the cloth off Lady Joanie's mouth. She will be able to explain it better than us.

Indigo- Step away Art, and give me the honor to do so. Poor Joanie I'll get you out of this mess!

Joanie- Thank you Indigo! But these men have nothing to do with this, I swear!

Loulou- Poor sweetie, what happened? You were all right when you left the Bobino

Joanie- The Lyndsayteers did it! They took away Commodore Pellew for their own purpose I want to scream! Grrrrrr

Art- Calm down Lady Joanie, where do you think they took him?

Joanie- Calm down you say! NEVER!

Indigo- Oh, Art, keep away for a moment, that's a woman matter here

Art- What?

Indigo- In plain English, back off two minutes will you? I'll explain later my love!

Art- Fine, I'll be outside with Archie. Common little brother, we are not welcome here.

Indigo- I did not say that.

Art- Sorry.

Indigo- You better be! We will call you when we are finished.

Archie- we'll wait.

Loulou- What happened?

Joanie- I am so mad!

Loulou- From what?

Joanie- Please, promise me that you will not tell my secret to the Commodore, I will tell him my self

Both reply- We will.

Joanie- You know that I love Edward very much as much as he loved me. But there is a little secret that I have hidden to him that I have to confess right now.

Indigo- I am listening.

Joanie- Don't be mad at me, I know I did wrong, but that was the only way I can get closer to the man before the other did. Everything started when I joined the group. The Lyndsayteers, a marvelous group very found of tha man, our dear Edward. A group who always paid the highest regards to the man, to his various talents, his great stamina and is oh so manly body.

Indigo- So far we understand but

Joanie- Please do not interrupt me; I am not finish. That group will do everything for Tha Man. Even get killed to save his life so much they adore him. And tonight was the proof that they all got together to brave the Forester Party and defeat them on their own ship with the help of the marines. They did saved the life of Commodore Pellew and I am ashamed that they even saved mine

Loulou- But what do you have to blame yourself for?

Joanie- I am coming to that dreadful answer I betrayed my own group, the one I considered my second family, my sisters, my twins

Indigo- Oh please stop weeping, you will get me going too.

Joanie- I don't deserve to be in a group like this, they are great women and I betrayed them It's not my fault, be with a man like this is enough to make you loose your mind! He is so adorable and so considerate!

Loulou- How did you betrayed them? Tell us and perhaps we might be able to help you.

Indigo- That's right, nothing is impossible!

Joanie- I am afraid that I took the wrong curve, I wishes that you can really help me

Indigo- The truth please!

Joanie- I I am ashamed to say that I was sent by them in a mission to lead the Commodore away from the masquerade, and to bring him to our head quarters. My mission was to seduce him enough that he can follow me anywhere, and that was not hard at all to do. On first sight, we both understand each other, our interests were the same, and every thing was almost perfect except that I had to share him with my fellow companions the Lyndsayteers That was my job until he opened his soul to me

Loulou- There is nothing wrong about falling in love with such a man!

Indigo- Not at all! Presented the way you did, wow, it's like when I saw Art Kennedy for the first time at my door step, whoa! I tough I had died so much he was gorgeous.

Loulou- I saw the sparks in your eyes when Archie presented him to you it was magical. That reminds me that I had the same feeling for Archie when I first met him in that jail hospital.

Indigo- Poor Loulou, I knew that from the beginning but Archie made me promise not to tell you about his feelings, I' m sorry.

Loulou- That's all right Indigo, It gave him more time to think about it. At least he did not change him mind yet.

Joanie- Hey ladies, I am not finish here!

Indigo- Oh sorry Joanie Continue.

Joanie- I failed my fellow Lyndsayteers and they are mad at me, that's why I was tossed away into that armoire I am so sorry that I don't know what to do!

Loulou- Don't be sorry, you really loved the man?

Joanie- Yes.

Loulou- Then just win him back!

Indigo- Stop idling, and try to find where they keep him.

Joanie- I'm sure that he must be around here. They still fear that might be some Forester Party who might have escaped the vigilance of our men.

Loulou- Then we shall start looking for him now!

Indigo- Hey, Art and Archie are not waiting for us outside!

Loulou- No time to look for them, just leave them a note on the door, they will find us later We can't wait!

Joanie- Thank you ladies, I don't know how I can repay you that kindness!

Loulou- Find your man, that will be enough.

Indigo- Loulou, you are sure that you can follow?

Loulou- Of course I can no problem!

Joanie- Let's start at the end of the corridor and work our way up.

Indigo- All right.


Art- Hey Archie, I think that is Pellew's voice over there.

Archie- Then be careful and get closer

Art- Oh my! I don't think that he is in much trouble at all!

Archie- Let me see Good lord! Oh well, well, well

Art- Common Archie stop it, or I might remind you why we are here for!

Archie- Gee, I have the feeling that I heard that before

Art- Well, Edward seems to enjoy the company of these ladies.

Archie- I'll be da**med , thehehehe, and he is the one to reprimand me about a certain bad behavior that he said I had during the Barbecue this summer. Look at him now, he is not doing better than me! Surrounding by lovely women kissing him, rubbing oil on him, feeding him, and preparing a bath!

Art- Calm down my brother.

Archie- I am calm Art! I just wanted to make a little comment about this. I think that will be MY turn to get him back from the joke he pulled on me from the barbecue. I end up with one little hickey on my neck but he seems to have at least three of them at the base of his neck! Ah! That is more than what I had.

Art- It has been a few months Archie and you have not forget?

Archie- I am rubbing my hands with joy of seeing his face when I will enter the room, thehehehe, I can't wait!

Art- You are mean when you want to Archie!

Archie- I learned that from my big brother!

Art- Before we do that perhaps we should tell the women about it.

Archie- NO! I do not want to embarrassed the Commodore any further.

Art- So kind of you Archie, what do you have in mind?

Archie- Nothing brother- displaying a devilish smile in his face- Let's make our grand entry

THE MASQUERADE- Chapter Thirty-two: Archie's Sweet Revenge.

Pellew- Ladies you are quite special! I am so happy that I have met you tonight. Especially with the result of all that commotion, this is about time that we find some good time to relax. You surely know how to put your guest at ease!

LizMc- I am glad that you finally relax Eddy, see, we were not lying when we said that we meant no harm to you.

Pellew- And Miss Anglo, you did an excellent job earlier too!

Molly- What did you do Anglo?

Anglo blushing and trying to look away from Molly like if she had not heard the question.

Molly- Hey Anglo, I am talking to you sister.

Anglo- Uh? Me? ­ Looking down the floor- What did you ask?

Mindy- No! You did not! Look at her she's avoiding the answer!

Gilly- Looking the way she's acting, she did!

LizMc- I could quite understand why I was unconscious for a while, no wonder!

Anglo- Hold on LizMc take that accusation away from me. I did not knock you out; I would not do such coward act towards my best friends. When I came into the room you were not there!

Gilly- Ha! Ha! You agree that you were in the room!

Anglo- Uh? Well Yes I was, I am not hiding that from you all, yes, I did come to the room, but LizMc was not there!

LizMc- I remember now, I was knock out by the door slamming into me Then black out, I can't remember. Except that my nose was bleeding when I woke up, then I had to get a rag to stop it.

Anglo- I did not do it!

Molly- All right Anglo, we believe you, but who did?

Pellew- Madam Minsky and Admiral Aberfoyle did it! But LizMc was about to take care of me; she was getting the bottle of oil in the cabinet next to the door when they came rushing in to the room. That is how LizMc got knock out unconscious.

Mindy- Serves you right sistah, that's what happen when you are not waiting for the others.

LizMc- Mind you own business. You would have done the same! He is so irresistible! Roooow

Pellew- Ah! So nice of you Miss

LizMc- You're welcome Eddy, please call me Liz.

Mindy- Hey Anglo, we have not heard your version of the facts. You said that LizMc was not in the room, but you were missing for a good hour! Where have you been?

Molly- That's right, where were you during all that time?

Anglo- Well, cough, cough, ahem, well

Gilly- Common Anglo, it must be easy to answer.

Anglo- I went for a walk on the dock It was too hot inside

Mindy- I don't believe you.

Anglo- That's the truth!

Mindy- Then where exactly were you?

Anglo- Uh Near by the spyglass.

Mindy- Ah! Ah! I caught you! Liar!

Anglo- I'm no liar! Cut that off!

Mindy- Oh yes you are! I was talking to Lt. Bush for an hour, and Hobbs was also there and he was reporting every ten minutes, he saw no one wandering on the dock during that time! The only exception was the marines on their post. Ah! Where were you?

Anglo turned red at that moment. The Commodore is blushed a little as he tries to hide his emotion; he grabs a glass of wine that he spilled on the table. Anglo cannot look at Mindy, and she remains silent

Mindy- Perhaps we might ask Edward!

Edwards spit out the wine, as he cough shyly through his handkerchief.

LizMc- I knew it!

Molly- I'm out rage! Anglo!

Gilly- She did it, THEY did it!

Mindy- WHAT!

They all turned towards Edward "YOU did it with her!"

Commodore Pellew is speechless, starring at the women gazing at him, he tried to find a quick answer to free himself out of that situation. But just in time for him to be saved by a familiar voice that speaks to him Archie makes his entry in the room with his famous hip wiggle, as he speaks to Pellew

Archie- Well, well, Commodore Pellew, my eyes are hurting to see so many good-looking women into one little room. By god you are in really good company tonight Sir!

Pellew- Lt. Kennedy, what a pleasure to see you here.

Archie- A pleasure for me too Sir.- Pausing on every words-

Pellew- Oh! Captain Kennedy you are here too!

Art- Of course Sir, we decided to visit the premises and leave the women to their discussion. I presumed that you left Lady Joanie with her friends?

Archie- Mmmm Art, I would say that Lady Joanie was not with her friends Loulou and Indigo.

Art- You are right ­ wink, wink at Archie-

Pellew- Come and join us, we were about to drink a glass of wine, before coming back to the Hall.

Archie- Of course you were, what about that bath full of bubble? It's standing right in the middle of the room Sir? Oh! And the water is just perfect for a bath too

Art- And all these towels over there ­ Trying to keep his laugh down-

Pellew- What are you pretending?

Archie- Well, we are not Sir, I presume those three little marks on your neck are wine stain Sir? Bwhahahahaha Is brother joined him with the laugher.

Pellew- That is ridiculous!

Archie- Miss Gilly, please show him a mirror.

Gilly- Certainly Archie!

Pellew- Good god!

Art and Archie are now rolling out of laughter on the floor, "Oh, that hurt my ribs" said Art, ouch, Bwhahahah, ouch, ouch

Archie- If I do remember Sir

Pellew- Stop it Kennedy! I know where you're going!

Archie- BWHAHAHAHA I rest my case Sir! Common Art, we shall exit the room and leave the Commodore to his preoccupation

Pellew- No! Don't leave me alone with these ladies

Archie- Why not Sir! You did not believe me when I tried to explain you how devoted these women were to me at the Barbecue, it is time for you to enjoy your bath Sir! Bye, bye, and see you later!

Art- What do we say to Lady Joanie?

Pellew- Don't leave me please!

Anglo- Bad boy again! Ladies, let's take care of Eddy now Time for your bath Sir!

Art and Archie are leaving the room smiling and laughing loudly. "Good bath Commodore! Have fun ladies!"

Pellew- What are you doing? No, noooo, don't

Molly- Taking care of you Eddy, the water is just right-While she take his belt off-

Anglo- Here Eddy, that's it, take that dirty shirt off

Gilly is taking care of his boxersDown they goThe water is ready!

Wait, wait ladies, pleaseholding his family jewels as he felt his body was lifted up from the ground by many experimented hands, he landed into the bathtubPellew screamed: "Kennedy you'll pay for that! Both of you, will pay for that!"

Mindy is holding a luffa glove in one hand and a bar of soap on the other one. As the other Lyndsayteers are ready to scuff the dirt off the Commodore with their face towel. Common Commodore you will feel great after this!


The Masquerade- Chapter Thirty-three PART ONE: Joanie's Return

Foot steps echoes down the corridor. They become closer and closer to the room where the Lyndsayteers are holding the Commodore in his bath. As the door creak, Joanie stand at the threshold spying on them.

Everyone is busy and does not notice her presence. Laugh and giggle is coming from the happy crowd as she observed Edward being rinse by LizMc. Anglo is occupied massaging his shoulder, Gilly and Molly are taking care of his legs and Mindy his torso... At the view of such tender moment tears runs down Joanie's cheek.

Edward notices her, and his dark brown eyes met hers as they exchange a smile. A sparks coming from his eye means everything to the world for her, it can't lie. It reminds her when she first fell in love with him. At first he was very distant, but also very busy with the war going on. But he managed to show her a glance of which kind of man he really was deep inside. That moment will always share a safe place in her heart. That was the day that she met the love of her life.

Edward feels that Joanie understands his devoted love to her but the situation he's in reminds him that he has to escape these nice ladies without causing any trouble. But how can he escape?

While Anglo rub Eddy's shoulder she can sense tension building up into his muscle. She lift up her eyes to stair at someone standing a few feet from them. Speechless, she sees Lady Joanie wiping tears off her eyes. An elbow hit warned LizMc and the other Lyndsayteers as they all stared silently at Joanie. The laugh and giggle had stopped and no one seems to find any words as Joanie scanned them one by one...

Like if nothing has happen Joanie walks into the room and say: "What's that? A pile of wet towels? Common girls we need dry towels! How can we dry Eddy if all the towels are wet?

"There are more in the next room. I'll go with you" said Gilly.

Fine, let's go then!

LizMc added, you might find Eddy's costume, it was almost dry when I check it out last time. You'll find it near the fireplace.

And, Lyndsayteers, said Joanie, we need to get ready to go back into the Hall. Miss Capital has informed me that she will be giving a final speech before the end of the masquerade. She said that she has a surprise awaiting us!



A surprise! Said Molly I love surprise!

I wonder about the room worry Mindy.

None to worry, said Joanie, Loulou told me the staff is working to clear off the mess, and the marines are helping too. It won't take long before the Hall is back to almost, well, we can't expect any miracle...

I guess not said Mindy.


THE MASQUERADE- Chapter Thirty-three- PART TWO: Wrinkled Eddy

Madam Minsky runs down the corridor and screamed "Oh my gawd, oh my gawd, Lyndsayteers help me!"

The Lyndsayteers stopped their careful scrubbing and looked puzzled at her, while Edward stretch his legs out of the tub.

"What's wrong Minsky?" Ask LizMc.

"It's Admiral Aberfoyle! Please help me! I need you all to take him out of that outrageous situation Please hurry!"

"What about Eddy?" Reply Anglo.

"Don't worry he won't go far without his clothes They're drying in another room." Said Mindy.

"Oh ladies, don't you trust your man?" He said.

"Uh, n no Eddie, just that we don't want anything bad happening to you when we're gone."

"Don't worry my dear ladies, I'll soak a few more minutes just for you, but don't be too long, the water is getting cold"

"What are you waiting for Lyndsayteers? Hurry honeybcough, hum, Aberfoyle can't hang in that position forever you know!"

"We're coming Minsky, let's go Lyndsayteers!" Said Molly.

In their rush to help Madam Minsky, they did not notice the absence of Lady Joanie, she had disappear. The Commodore is left alone smiling to his victory. Suddenly he gets

out of the bath after he hears no more noise coming from the corridor. Waking slowly towards the door leading to the Hallway, he peak is head outside and see no soul around.

He runs naked on the hallway to get into the next room where he hopes that he will find his costume. As his wrinkled fingers touch the knob, loud laugh are coming out from the room. He can recognize the voice of Lt. Bush and Lady Karin, and they seems to have a lot of fun

"Oh yes Willy, it's about time that you take it off" Karin said.

"Let me be your man Karin, I'll be very gentle"

Giggle coming from Karin, "Oh yes just like that, yes! Lower"

As Edwards back off the door, not believing his ears, a loud bang is heard as objects falling off some table break when they hit the floor. Giggle from both of them followed that little incident Edward decides to run for the other room. Hoping to be lucky this time. The door is locked His face changed when he heard voice coming his way.

Wrinkle butts in the corridor are making their way to the next room, he's running, and so far he was lucky that he has not met anyone. But he must hurry, these voice are coming his way. Now in front of another door, he listens, and hears no voice, he try carefully the knob, and this time, its not locked. He can't hear the voice anymore.

Nearby, Lt. Kennedy, his brother, Miss Indigo and Miss Loulou are leaving the room next to the Commodore, who is still trying to investigate the room he wants to get into. Edward did not hear them coming. When Loulou and Indigo lift their eyes, they saw a wrinkled Pellew as he gets into the room. "Oh my god, Loulou, did you saw what I saw?" Said Indigo. Loulou's smile is the answer. The men have not seen anything at all. But wonder what it was.

They hear a loud scream, then KABOOOOOOOOOOM

The four of them ran to help the Commodore, and as they entered the room, he had put a drape over his body; Lady Joanie lay unconscious on the ground.

"Just don't stand like this, help me!" He said.

The Kennedy clan looks at the flourished tapestry material Edward is wearing, nd they can't resist a giggle, then they burst out laughing

"Common gentlemen, the man has enough embarrassment for the day, be nice to him." Said Indigo. While Loulou is trying not to laugh when she kneels down to put some salt under Joanie's nose. When her senses are coming back slowly, a broad smile is fixed on her face. Then she sees the love of her life and blushes while looking back on the ground.

A smile coming from Edward installed a look of confidence, as he is very proud of his manly attributes. Knowing too much that he's well served by nature.

Indigo comes back with his dry costume, and hands it to him. "Commodore, there is a small room in the corner where you can dress up."

"Thank you Miss Indigo" Taking his cloths, he looks at Joanie, give her a kiss before he goes.

Archie and Art are very amused, they can see that Edward have some red spots on his neck, contrasting very well with the flourish design of the drape. They start laughing again.

Three rooms down the corridor, you can hear Madam Minsky giving orders. "Careful, Lyndsayteers, I want him in one piece"

"Oh hisse, oh hisse, he's coming down now Oh no! The rope is stuck again!"

"Oh Minsky, what did you do so that Aberfoyle end up over there?" Asked Anglo.

Minsky tried to avoid the answer

Molly reply, "We can ask him if you don't want to tell, looking at the man hanging six feet off the ground. Can we Admiral Aberfoyle?"

"It's seems to me that the Pirate got boarded by a Bumblebee." Laugh Gilly.

"Enough said! I'll tell you all, but not until you get him down!"

"All right Minsky, we'll wait for the answer, but you better give it to us! So what should we do Molly?"

"Well Gilly, I have an idea. Considering the height that rope is stuck, we can manage to jump up and down the bed, and get enough height to caught the rope and unstuck it I think"

"Have you lost your mind Molly? And who will do it?"

Molly is staring at Gilly, smiling, "You! But I will help you too!"

"All right, all right, but I'm doing that for the Admiral, poor man!"

"Lets get up the bed and start jumping up and down!" Said Molly.

Bong, booong, binnng, boooink, bonnnk. "Hey Molly that's fun to do. Weeeeee"

"Bwhahahaha, I never have so much fun than when I was a kid." Boing booonk, boiiing, booonk.

"My god, I'm getting very high now"

"Me too, I can almost get the rope!"

LizMc looks at Minsky, "Ah Aaaaah! Now I understand what happened! That's how he got there, isn't?"

Minsky turned red beet, as she looks at Aberfoyle with a smile, and giggleHe also turn in shade of red.

"I got it!" Said Molly, "It's unstuck!"

"Let's help the man down!"

Here sweetie said Minsky... My sweet Pirate! As she reaches his tights and holds his descent, he finally reaches the ground. Hanging from his wrists, are found little pink ribbons, that he tries to hide but with no success. LizMc saw them before he is able to hide the evidence.

Well. Well, Admiral Aberfoyle and Madam Minsky have been very busy...

What,LizMc? Asked Anglo.

Look at the ribbons, it`s say it all! I used them to tie on...oupsss

I knew it she did it! Shout Anglo.

Turning red beat, LizMc, tries to hide into the shade of the room.

Anyway Lyndsayteers, said Molly, we shall leave the lovebird alone, since everything is back to normal. And we`ll have a little talk with you LizMc...

Mindy rush to mention there was a missing bottle of massage oil in their basket.

We`ll talk about that later, said Molly, we have to go back to our primary duty...

TO US THE COMMODORE! They all run back into the corridor towards Eddy`s room. The lovebird resume to their... well you know... thehehehe

When they enter the room is empty, they look at each other and sob for a moment. Then Gilly found a piece of paper with a note written by the hand of THA MAN!

What does it say Gilly? Please hurry we want to know!

Back up ladies give me some place, I need some light too! I`ll read it...

Dear Lyndsayteers bla bla bla I appreciated all your devotion to me...bla bla bla...very happy of all your kind attention... bla bla bla... from your help...bla bla bla... come and join us in the Hall...

Signed yours and always Eddy.

-sight- Back to ground zero... Let`s go Lyndsayteers! We shall not be discourage by that! We`ll be striking back!

To us the Commodore!

Styles is standing next to the staircase when a pair of hands reach him by the back and dragged him. He flipped back over the comfortable couch, while a brown feather trace kept floating into the air

"What the h**ll" as he try to resist the sneaky attack by trying to reach the hands of the adversary he has not seeing yet.

"Ya bast" His phrase is cut short when a voluptuous lips met his and become more demanding He stays on guard but since it felt so good, it was not to be the enemy he said to himself. So he let himself seduce and as he opened his eyes, beautiful pair of brown eyes is staring at him. He recognize these eyes because he had met them before, for the second time he's caught by the spell of the lady wearing a red fox costume. He can feel the heat reaching his face, as he's thinking that he must reach another shade of red He tries to babble coherent words

"Mi Miss" as she played with his curly brown hair, dragging her hand through his brown feather, he cannot help but like the great sensation he felt at that same moment and wish that it never end.

"Remember me?" She replied.

"YYes, I think ya, hum, you're M Miss Melanie" as he choked on his phrase.

For the first time of his life Styles feels unsecured into the hands of a woman. She's not that kind of easy woman that he picks for pleasure in each port their ship stopped at. She's a kind woman with such grace. But he wonders why such woman would like to be with a man like him, why not going for an officer instead

Miss Melanie can read his trouble mind, his green eyes can't hide much especially when he stared at her like a frighten chicken who is about to be slaughtered (Oups sorry, that's right, that's the costume he's wearing anyway, and he's not about to be slaughtered). She mutter in his ear "First, for the courage you displayed during the fight, second, for your strength, a most of it, from the kindness I can see glaring from the deepest sparkle into your eyes. Would that be a good answer Styles?"

His mouth half opened, his eyes spaced out, the man his speechless. He still can smell the delicate essence her fine perfume left on his neck. After a moment he gets out of his stupor and finally answer her. "That y'all be you're answer Mis' Melanie" He gets closer to her to give her another kiss.

Miss Sharon passes by them and smiles as the new couple cuddles up onto the couch. She has seen Lt. Kennedy walking near by and she's on his trace. She wonders how Loulou's doing since her accident, and certainly wants to if Archie is doing fine too. After the story that Miss Indigo and Lady Tricia gave her, she nearly faint. Now she wants to see from her eyes. I'll take care of both of them if I have too, she said to her self. But where are they? They're nowhere to be found in the Hall. All right I'll look in the garden.

She passes through the rumbles left by the battle. Broken chairs, upside down table, broken vase that reminds her something and make her laugh. She saw a few maids catching up on the mess, and other marines helping with larger furniture. Sharon finally arrived at the doorstep of the garden. She walks in and sees a couple sitting at the South end part. She recognizes the pink tutu that Miss Wendy is wearing. Shocked she exclaimed: "Oh my god, he's naked!" Making larger steps to get there, "How dare you Miss Wendy? I known you with a better poise than th This!"

Miss Wendy laughs and tells Miss Sharon to approach, and get around the bench. "Quiet please, he finally fell asleep, don't he look adorable like this?"

Sharon reluctantly looks at him, then back at Wendy. "Oh I'm glad he has his pants on! What happened to him?"

"Long story Sharon, but since you're there, I'll tell you in confidence my friend Henry will become one piece of a man! He fought valiantly to defend me, I was so thrilled, but scared at the same time but but look at him now, poor sweetie, I almost died when he was slashed by that mad man!"

"Wow, he surely is one heck of a man! Do you need anything here?"

"No dear, I'll wait that he woke up before we get back into the Hall. And you, are you all right?"

"Yes, I am, I got scared a little, but everything is all right now, thank you for asking! But I'm on the trace of Lt. Kennedy and Miss Loulou. Have you seen them?"

"Not the past few hours. Matthews came back in a hurry with Lt. Kennedy, and Loulou runs to his side. Dr. Clives was about to finish the stitches on Henry when he had to run and help them. Luckily it was less serious than they tough it was. I remember that Dr. Clives send them inside to get some rest"

"Some rest! Of course they must be upstairs!"

"That's right. Remember that Miss Loulou had a large bump on her head, and not to mentioned that Archie was in bad shape, but not as much as his brother Art. Poor man, he was savagely beaten by that mad Captain!"

"Thank you Wendy, I'll run to see where they are. Take care of Henry, and I'll se you back later in the Hall."


"Believe me I'll do Sharon and good luck with your search!" Passing her fingers through Wellard's thick hair, his head rolled conformably on her lap.

Sharon is now rushing into the Hall. She passed by the kitchen when a hand grabs her arm, and led her to the kitchen.

"Oh, what's that for?" she exclaimed in panic.

Sapphire blue eyes are looking at her intensely. The man standing in front of her reply: "I'm here to removed your little wine stain that I had unfortunately spilled on your beautiful costume earlier during the battle"

Sharon stairs at him, her jaw drop almost on the floor, drool is slowly dripping from the corner of her mouth as she tries to concentrate and articulate some words "LLt Ke Kennedy! Oh you did sscared m me for a a moment Sir! Oh I'm glad that you're all right, but where is Miss Loulou?"

Archie laugh and grab her hand to bring her near the kitchen sink. "She doing fine now, but follow me. There, we'll be just fine here. Just hold on a moment I need to get a rag, and some lemon"

"What? Lemon? Why?"

"Because it's the best recipe to get rid off wine stain. I learned that trick when Lt. Buckland kept staining his uniform with red wine or Port. He relied on me because I was the best man to remove wine stain! That's my story, but, hum, I never in my life had made such stain on a nice lady before"

"Poor Archie, I think that situation was out of your control at that time. You were bravely fighting to save our life!"

Blushing, Archie reply "Oh that's my job Miss Sharon, that's my job"

He prepare to soak the cloth into the warm water where float a few lemon slice. He then removes the excess water and turn towards Sharon. "Well, Miss, come here, I'll remove the stain"


"Miss Sharon, Miss Sharon are you all right?"

He tries to wake her up without success. "Oh my god, what did I do?" Looking at Sharon's dress he realized that the stain is located in a more private area, her breast! He realized also that, even earlier during the battle that he did not touch the softness of her shoulder but her breast! "Oh boy, I'm sooooo embarrassed! What did I do?"

Miss Sharon comes out of her emotion and looks at Archie. "Oh dear Archie, I understand your kindness of heart for helping me to clean my stain But as you must have realized, it's kind of located in a forbidden area.-blushing- But I must add, that if you would not be attach to Miss Loulou that I probably ask you to do it"

Now the turn to Archie to get red beet "I'm humbly taking your kind words Miss Sharon, hum, none were my intention to abuse you on that state of mind"

"No arm done Lt. Kennedy, hand me the rag before it get too cold!"

Before he hand her the rag, he soak it again into the hot water, then twist the rag and give it to her.

"Very kind of you to think of me like that!"

"It's my pleasure Miss Sharon, and remember I still have a dance on your card, don't I?"

"Oh yes you do, I'll be very happy!"

"I'll go back to see Miss Loulou, she must be awake by now, and we have to go back into the Hall soon. They almost finish the cleaning! I will see you there!"

"All right Archie, I'll be there, and say hello to Loulou for me. I hope that she's all right!"


Still on watch, Mr Hobbs stands near a canon screening the horizon. He has not heard Miss Kathleen coming his way because something suspicious caught his attention at large.

"Mr Hobbs, Sir!"

As he jumps with fright, he nervously turns back to her, looking around to see if anyone, especially Bush, is not hiding nearby, but there are none. He quickly answer: "MMiss Kath Kathleen! HHow nice toto see you so soon!"

She giggle, then said: "Sorry Mr. Hobbs, I did not meant to scared you in my silent attempt to get near you. You seems so occupied when I arrived that I did not wanted to disturb your work."

"Oh MMiss Katheen A nice lady like you would never scare meLet me show you what I found over thereI saw something suspicious, would you like to look into my spyglass, I'll show you"

"Oh yes, I've always loved to do it, but never had the chance! You're very kind Mr. Hobbs."

He steps behind her wrapped his strong arms around her then, he directs the spyglass to the location of his suspicion. She can feels the hard muscle of his arms and his warm breath along her uncovered neck. It began a goose bump reaction along her spine and across her entire body as it ends with a little shivering.

"Are you cold Miss Kathleen?" Feeling the reaction. "Let me hand you my coat"

Katheen has no time to place a word, that he removed his coat and put it over her shoulders. He resumes his position, handling the spyglass. "Close one eye, and look over there" pointing at a moving target

"Oh I see Mr. Hobbs, there are two no, three person aboard that little boat."

He looks at her neck, so inviting But he must contain him self, he's still on duty. His sharp blue eyes silently going down the fine line of her neck, while Kathleen still looks through the spyglass

"Mr. Hobbs, you better have a look on that one!" She hands him back the glass.

Hobbs quickly zooms to the boat in question. It seems that the only ship near by is "The Bobino". But also, that boat is quickly moving towards a merchant ship.

"Miss Kathleen, have you seen the same that I did? This boat was leaving from "The Bobino"

"Yes Mr. Hobbs, and it looks like that there is a serious injured person aboard too."

"That's what I tough, that's no good at all."


"Because anyone who leave that ship is to be escorted by two marines, and there are none on that boat! I have to warned Lt. Bush right away!"

She grab his shirt, pulled him towards her and gave him a quick kiss. She smiles and says: "I'll be waiting for you Mr. Hobbs, and take the watch until you come back I'll follow every move these persons are making! You can count on me!"

He almost trip on a rope laying on the ground near by, as he catch his balance back, he smiles and continue to runs, and before disappearing he shout: "I'll be back very shortly Miss Kathleen!"

Oh yessssss, she said to her self all excited. The man is mine! Weeeeee.

Let's look what they are doing now. Well, well, what do I see WHAT! A woman in uniform! What? Uh? Oh yes, I remember, she was at the masquerade earlier. They walk her back outside because she had not properly followed the instructions from the invitation. Some people can't read! No uniform it said. Not even a costume uniform! Oh what are they doing now, ah, they're getting her aboard that ship I can't see the name of the shipThe two men attached the small boat on the ship then, the crew aboard is preparing the lift "I have to tell every thing I see to Mr. Hobbs!"

The two men are boarding the ship with their precious passenger. After the boat his attached to the ship, the crew lower down the lift, which help to bring the injured passenger up.

Moaning with pain, Captain DeLaForge is hanging at the last thread of her life. She almost drowns, but got rescued by her two most loyal seamen.

BadGuy 1- She's delirious, as soon she's on the deck, you run and wake up Dr. Binot.

BadGuy 2- Aye, Aye Sir Are you sure that she will be all right?

BadGuy 1- She had seen more serious wounds in the past, she's a survivor. In my twenty years in the Navy, I never saw a woman like her! Never!

BadGuy 2- Let's hope that you're right for her recovery!

"Oh Matthews. I'm so glad to see you back in one piece! I was worried when I did not see you for a while!"

"Indeed I'm back Miss Jean! And I'm all right. I have good news for you also!"

"Really! What are they?"

"I'll be your escort for the rest of the night, if you want to."

"Oh Matthews, that's the best news I have so far! Of course I want too! Where do you get that idea I don't want to?"

"Not anyone wants to pass his evening with an old seaman like me"

"Well Matthew I do, and that is because you are the most trustful guy I ever met! And I would add that if you would be a few spring younger you would be the gentleman I'd like to be with the rest of my life!"

Blushing, Matthews smiles at her. "You're to kind Miss Jean!"

"Hold on Matthews, let me get my dance cardmmmmm here you go, you're on my list until you can't dance anymore giggle giggle"

"Oh you don't know what it means to me Miss" Choking on his words

"Oh Matthews!" Jumping into his arms she gave him a huge hug and a kiss on each cheek, as Matthews turned a shade of burgundy"Hurry up Matthews, we have to get in the garden before anyone else does! We'll get the best place to watch the fireworks!"

"Miss Jean, you don't know how much you remind me my daughter! She's about your age, lively and cheerful like you!"

"When you'll be able to see her again?"

"When we'll sail for Jamaica in about two weeks! She married a Lord, who did not care about her cast, he loved her for who she was! I'm very happy for her."

"Wow it's like a fairy story!"

"I hope that one day you will have the chance to meet her. I think that you would like her. You are so alike!"

"I hope too Matthews!"

"Oh look Loulou, Mr. Matthews is holding Miss Jean arm."

"Yes, you're right, thehehehe, Capital I think that they are becoming good friends."

"Well, well, look over there, I do not know what happen to Minsky and Aberfoyle while they were away, but it seems to me that the pirate was boarded as a price"

"Bwhahahaha you must be right about this Capital, her wings are upside down, the bumblebee was hook onto his "honey" bwhahahaha."

"Oh, and now, look at that corner"

"Which one, Capital?"

"The couple right at the end of the Hall, near the melted frigate"

"Oh yes, the King of the sea I believe that he's under the spell of that mermaid hanging over his neckbwhahaha."

"Oh Loulou, it looks like it, bwhahahauh oh they are coming towards us, smile Loulou, smile"

"Lt. Bush and Lady Karin! I can see that little entertainment did not bother you at all."

"Not at all Miss Loulou" said Bush, and Lady Karin has recovered her flight very well."

Chewing on a peach, Miss Karin said: "Mmmm and thank to you sugar I'm alive today!"

"But what have you done to your face Lt. Bush?" Reply Capital.

"Me, nothing, Miss Capital, what's wrong with my face?"

"It's kind of giggle, giggle well, I'm sorry but it looks like that you did not lost your appetite eithermmm eating shell perhaps?"

Loulou is rolling onto the floor at that moment, tears running down, as she holds he tummy so much it's hurting "Yes and bwhahahahaha it's also shell prints which looks like Karin's dress bwhahahaha, oh it hurt"

Miss Capital cannot retain her poise so much her shoulder hurt from retaining her giggling.

"Common ladies, it can't be that badhe said"

"Oh yes it shows very well Lt. Bush bwhahahaha and on Lady Karin too"

"What do you mean on me too?" Whine Karin.

Loulou and Capital are smiling devilishly at them"We're teasing you my dear, and it' so fun to do it You've been busy too bwhahahaha Look, your dress on the back is missing a button

Both turned red under the attentive eyes of their interlocutors. "Misses, please!"

"We were right Capital, they are blushing that must be true!"

"Let's change the conversation Miss Loulou, I have a question that only you can answer, will you please tell me what was the gift that Horatio gave Archie?"

"Uh, Lt. Bush you will have to ask Lt. Kennedy about it. Bwhahaha I'm surprise he did not tell you."

"No he didn't tell me and I'd like to know now if you pleaseI know almost the complete story, by the exception of that little gift Horatio gave to Archie"

"Did you ask Archie about it?"

"No I did not."

"Only Archie will answer your question."

"Miss Loulou, I was told that you knew!"

"Yes I do" and with a devilish smile on her face, holding her heart shape necklace, "I do Lt. Bush, but I promise that I will keep the secretI can't tell you"

"Miss Loulou!"

"Archie is coming right now, why don't you ask him"

"Ask me what Lt. Bush? Just by a single eye contact with Miss Loulou, Archie knows exactly what to answer"Lt. Bush, you're still curious about the gift? Bwhahahahaha"

"Indeed I am still waiting for the answer."

"May be I don't want to say it."

"Archie! I'm not amused anymore"

"Oh William has lost his patience?" Giggling, "Poor William, the answer to your question was displayed under your nose all the time! Miss Loulou is wearing it as we speaks!"


Bush looks at Loulou's hand, then looks at her neck and saw a beautiful heart shape necklace with a blue diamond in the middle of it. Then he looks back at Archie.

"Yes, William, that little jewel was the gift given by Horatio"

"He bought you a necklace!" Then he started to laugh.

In the mean time Horatio made his entrance and over hear the conversation, he rolled his eyes to the ceiling in despair of what he still have to cope with.

"Lt. Kennedy, I will have a talk with you later if you please."

Looking at the serious face of his friend he reply "Aye aye Captain!"

Then Horatio turns towards Miss Capital. "I am very please to inform you that the marines and the support staff had already finish to clear off the mess left by the battle. The garden is ready to receive the guests for the fireworks, all the chairs are set into the court, and the Hall is almost back to its own self. The orchestra is ready to play for the dance."

"Thank you Captain Hornblower, I am very please! You have done a great job, I hope that you will enjoy the rest of the night with Lady Tricia. You deserve it!"

"Your welcome Miss Capital, please come with me my sweet matador!"

Miss Capital turn towards Lt. Eccleston and ask him to call the guests and direct them back into the Hall before they go to the garden.

"My pleasure my sweetheart."

May I have your attention please! Ladies and gentlemen, the Hall is ready! Would you please regain your places and get ready for the last event of this night!"

Everyone walks back into the Hall and regains their place. The crowd is jolly and very happy of the turn of the event. Most of them are a little disheveled with a few missing part of costume, but so happy that the battle is over. They are ready to get back to the fun they had before the sneaky attack. Commodore Maxwell enters the room at the same moment as everyone has taken place.

"Oh papa! What a pleasure to have you back with us! You will be able to see the most fabulous part of the masquerade!"

"Oh my dear daughter" with a worried look on his face "What happened while I was gone? Half the wall is missing at the entrance like if it was blown up by gunpowder, and the Hall looks like a war zone! And look at your costume!"

"Don't worry papa, we will have all day tomorrow to explain all about it. It will be my pleasure to tell you every little details. Now we need to rejoice, today is my birthday and I have an announcement to make!"

Smiling at his daughter "Well dear, that story can wait until tomorrow" He's puzzled to see the marines has join the group, with a few officers from Retribution. "Sadly, I presume that I missed all the action."

"Yes papaBut not listen what Lt. Eccleston has to say. That is the most important!"

Turning towards the curious crowd, Miss Capital said that she has two last surprises for them tonight. Lt. Eccleston looks at them, and pulls on a cord. A dove comes out of a box and flies over their head in circle until he land on Capital's shoulder. Eccleston approach her and slowly pick up the dove that has a little parcel attaches to his paw. He opened the little parcel to show a diamond ring. Capital's eyes twinkle as she saw her man put the ring into her finger. Commodore Maxwell has tears on his eyes as he watch her daughter smile.

"My dear Capital, I love you so much that I want to spend the rest of my life with you, and I need your father's approval of course" Making the crowd laugh.

Commodore Maxwell looks at both of them, hold their hands together and says: "You have my blessing! Champaign for all, it's time for celebration."

As the jolly crowd gathers to congratulate the engagement, Capital directs them in the garden for the other surprise of the night.

Fireworks blasted into the sky sending a multitude of red, green and yellow shape of color. The sky is illuminated by bright color enlightening the pale ray of the moon. The harbor front has not been so lively in years. Lady Joanie lifts her dress and steps on a bench. She doesn't want to miss anything As she does, Loulou burst into laughter with Capital. Joanie, a little curious ask them what was so funny. They both reply: "Y You got a few Bwhahahahaha, a few little red spots on your legs Bwhahahahaha, and, and," They can't finish their phrase that they rolled down into the grass gasping for air as much they are laughing so hard.

Red spots Joanie said puzzled while she lift her dress to look. To her own surprise, she does have red spot on the interior of her legs Then she looks back at Loulou and Capital, then back at her spots, and then blushing looks at Eddy "Oh my god Eddy! YOU did that to me?"

Archie couldn't resist the temptation, and said: "and they match per-fec-tly Commodore Pellew's spots" Giggling

Loulou is still laughing "No bruise hey Joanie?"

Capital to answer"Don't think so! Bwhahahaha.."

Joanie continue starring at Edward, a little embarrassed, as he tries not to laugh himselfHe decide to lead the conversation towards the fireworks "Oh look Joanie, this one is like the fall we saw in Kingston, oh, and that one, what a beautiful green!"

"I think that we have to talk Eddy"

"I love you my dear Joanie" Smiling, he give her a kiss.

"Hey Miss Loulou, let's continue our little discussion, before we got, hum, hum, disturbed by some spots Bwhahahaha"

"Over there Capital!" Pointing at an angel and a Viking warior.

"Oh yes, Miss Indigo and Capt. Kennedy"

Miss Indigo is sitting next to Art, laying her head on his shoulders, and wrapping gently her arms around his bandage ribs. They sat in silence admiring the fireworks.

"Poor Art" said Loulou, "He will have to rest for a while"

"It's good though Loulou"

"Why Capital?"

"Because Miss Indigo will be able to pass more time with him, and they will know each other better!"

"Oh bright idea Capital, I did not think of that LOL I should have, because Archie has to do light duties for a while, Dr. Clives orders"

"You'll be busy Loulou"

Blushing, "Oh Capital!"

Near by Art and Indigo, sat Lt. Wellard and Miss Wendy. It looks like the effect of the medication Wendy gave him earlier had disappeared. He looks more awake, as Wendy watch closely on him. They gaze into each other eye, then look back at the fireworks, happy to be together.

Matthews lead Miss Jean near by them, followed by Miss Sharon who still have a smile from her encounter with Lt. Kennedy. Madam Minsky and Admiral Aberfoyle enter right after them. They seem very contempt too.

Further down the garden, Lady Karin is looking into Bush's eyes, while Lady Tricia finally got a hold on Horatio. She cornered him with the intention of keeping him close to him for more than a minute and she made sure of itWhile she lock her lips to Horatio who answer hers with passion, she quickly handcuff one hand onto the rail of the stair, so he wouldn't run away again to do more duty She knows that he was relieved from duty earlier by Commodore Pellew. When Horatio heard the "clic" it was too lateShe had her pray, and she was about to continue taking care of him

The Lyndsayteers looks hopelessly at Joanie and Edward. They sight heavily as they promise themselves "You'll be with all of us in the next story of our life, we promise Eddy. We're not giving up on you, that's a promise! One for all and all for Eddy!"

Capital looks at her finger then hold on tight to Eccleston's hand

It's very early in the morning and a tall officer with brown curly locks is walking into the desert streets of Plymouth. He's heading towards Commodore Pellew residence.

Edward is comfortably sitting on his veranda. He's sipping a cup of black coffee when the door rang. His butler answers the door to see Captain Hornblower standing with his spotless uniform.

"Good morning Godfrey, I'd like to see Commodore Pellew."

The butler is about to answer when Edward says: "Let him come in, I was expecting him."

When Horatio walks along the corridor to meet Edward, he carry preciously a paper that he had carefully rolled into his hands, The Kingston Chronicles. He gave the copy to him saying: "I thought Sir, that you would like to read thisI came as soon as I got my hands on one"

"Very well Mr. Hornblower, thank you. You must have woke up very early to get the first copy. Or would it be a nice lady who kept you occupied last night-Smiling at the man he wish to have been his son."


"All right, all right, too early for that kind of matterBut I surely had a good night my self if you know what I mean, she's still sleeping But let me look at that paper now" -Reading the head news printed in a very large print- "Double Jeopardy at the Admiralty House"-Lifting an eyebrow- "Uh, uh, Mr. Hornblower!"

"Please Sir, read also that small article at the bottom of the page."-His voice flickering.

"I will start by the first article Godfrey brings another cup of coffee for Mr. Hornblower. Make it double."

"On my way Sir."

"It says there was a masquerade held on the honour of Miss Capital Maxwell, precious daughter of the well known Commodore Maxwell uh, uh, the reception was a success until it was disturbed by a vicious attack from a group called the Forester Party uh, uh, but they were quickly strike back by the fine and valiant crew of the Retribution uh, uh, of course it was a job well done!"

"Yes Sir."


"And, they are talking about that young group of ladies pretending to be the Lyndsayteers who rescued me from "The Bobino"-Pausing for a moment, remembering the bath scene then continue- and with the help of the marines, every rebels were arrested on site uh, uhThe good news are that the injury and death list was short uh, uh and that Miss Capital Maxwell got engaged to Lt. Eccleston I found, Captain Hornblower there is noting wrong about that story. Please convey my greatest regards and respect to your men for a job well done."

"I will Sir But there is still an article that you have to see"- His eyes met Edward's dark eyes

"I have a bad feeling that the article in question will raise a certain matter, am I right Captain?"

"Indeed Sir, you are"

"At the end you said?"- Flipping the pages until he found a very tiny article, at the bottom of the page, mentioning an escape"

"DA**IT!!!"- Blasted Pellew in disbelief. "How did she escape? She was supposed to be dead! You saw it from your own eyes, Lady Tricia killed her!"

"Sir, please SirHobbs told us about it, butbbut they had already escaped. The marines search that merchant ship, turning everything inside out, they were even sent to search the port areaThey vanished without a trace!"

"You know the meaning of this Captain Hornblower?"

"Yes Sir, I do."

"We have a very mad enemy on the run."

"Indeed, but"

"No Horatio! No more words, we will deal with that matter later onShe will be back, lets be sure about itI saw the devil in her, she won't rest until she gets her revenge"

A few miles from Plymouth, mad laughs are echoing into a well-guarded castle
"I was just warming up Pellew! MWHAHAHAHAHAHA, We will meet again" Cough, cough, puking blood "I'll will seek my vengeance!" Captain DeLaForge, assisted by her two most loyal shipmates is taken care of while doctor Binot is giving her a relaxant to calm her down "You must rest and get your strength back Captain"



Note from Loulou:

All right ladies and gents, I know it's a very plain ending, but everybody live a happy life ever after But I forgot that Archie had something to offer Miss Loulou Oups and I'm sorry that I couldn't get half of Miss Capital story out (LOL). There is a missing kitchen part that I wouldn't dare to post here, including that steamy meat removal of Bush and Lady Karin escapadeNone to say that other party were very busy tooThat is left to the discretion of your own imagination

The only hope here is the door is left opened for more adventures, you never know. I might get busy and add a following story to the masquerade

I'd like to thank everyone, who stayed with me and enjoy reading my story, even when it took forever before I posted the following chapter. Thank you again!!!

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